Top Apps For A Wedding Photographer

Want to know the best thing about today’s technology? You can take it wherever you go.

Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer, and you’re fairly new to the industry. You still have those moments of panic the day of the wedding, standing there wondering what to do next. Now you don’t have to wonder. Just pull out your iPhone or iPad and in minutes you’ll have a slew of ideas right at your fingertips.

If you’re a wedding photographer, check out these wedding apps – perfect for taking in the field, or even using to grow your business throughout your hectic week.

Wedding Photographer Trainer

Wedding Photographer Trainer is filled with tips, facts and images to spark your imagination. It offers images to help you with posing, and gives you tips on what to do – and on what not to do.

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How To Build Your Photography Portfolio With An iPad

One of the most important marketing tools a photographer can have is their portfolio. It may consist of a variety of printed images, either in loose or album format, online through your website or other portfolio tools, and increasingly by using your iPad with a portfolio app. If you’ve been looking for the perfect app to use on your iPad, here’s a list of some of the top iPad apps I’ve found that will get the job done in a beautiful way.

Are you using an iPad for your portfolio? What do you like about it? What’s missing?

And if you have any more recommendations that I missed, Feel free to comment below.


Portfolio is a highly personalized and customizable app that allows you to do just about anything with your portfolio. You can brand it for your presentations, and even lock the interface with a PIN so your client won’t see tha management interface.


Foliobook allows you to create your own magazine-like home page in an easy way. Use it horizontal or vertical, change around your presentation to fit your needs.

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Use Adobe Lightroom? Try The iPad app Photosmith

If you have an iPad, you know there are dozens of new apps released every day. And many of them offer great tools to use as you’re out in the field.

Dig Deeper: 10 More Apps You Have To Have As A Photographer

Dig Deeper: 8 iPad Apps Perfect For The Small Photography Studio

If you are a fan of Lightroom, you’ll love one of the newest apps – Photosmith.

Lightroom is one of the best software programs available for photographers, that allows you to easily manage your images in an easy way. Photosmith doesn’t replace Lightroom, instead it gives you an easy way to bring a lot of the power of Lightroom with you in an app format. While out on a shoot, Photosmith lets you tag, sort, organize and rate your images like you do in Lightroom, while maintaining your RAW workflow from beginning to end. Then when you get back to the studio, part of your processing is already complete.

Photosmith for iPad from C² Enterprises on Vimeo.

Get the Photosmith app on iTunes

What Mobile Apps Say About The Future Of Photography

Just the other day, I stepped away from the office for an afternoon, and didn’t bring “the office” with me. Meaning I didn’t bring any of my mobile devices with me that would allow me to check email, voicemail, etc.

And while it was wonderful to “disconnect” for a while, it can be nerve-wracking for clients.

“I emailed an hour ago – did you get my message?”

“I really need to make my decision today – can I get your thoughts?”

Everyone is connected these days. Every commercial you see or hear asks you to follow the company via Facebook. Every advertisement shares their Twitter address. And more and more, companies are asking you to download and use their mobile apps.

A recent ad for a local bank told me that I could now bank with them anywhere, at any time with their mobile app. If I forgot to deposit my checks before heading off for the weekend, it no longer matters. With their app, I can snap a picture of both sides of the check, and the funds are deposited. Just like that.

In many ways, this new technology is making our lives easier, simpler and much more effective. I’m in touch all the time, no matter where I am. [Read more…]

Following Trends and Using Instagram

Certain apps gain more power than others. And that is the case with the less than one year old Instagram.

Instagram is a popular iPhone app that is taking mobile photo sharing to new heights. Instagram now has more than 5 million users, which have posted collectively around 100 million photos.

What makes Instagram successful is the features this one tool has. With your iPhone, you can snap a photo, or take an existing photo from your phone’s gallery, enhance it with eleven different possible effects, and then share it on the various social networks. Instagram itself has its own social networking aspects, and has turned somewhat into a phenomenon in the photography world.

While other apps tout integration with other social networking tools, none have been able to make the seamless transition the way that Instagram has. And that is what is attracting the attention of consumers, businesses, and even non-profits ready to find new ways to tell people about what they do. And whole new niches are starting up.

Mashable recently posted a story on the booming trend of fashion, or street photographers using Instagram to create a whole new interest in what they do. Some have never worked with street photography before, and now have followers into the tens of thousands. Not bad for a few months work.

And while Instagram is a simple app that keeps things clean and simple, because of its success other apps are being developed to give more power to the Instagram app.


Carousel gives you the ability to view your images, double click photos to enlarge and save to iPhoto, and has a variety of keyboard shortcuts to give you even more options.


Allows you to see the most popular photos of people you follow in gallery format, and allows you to share your photos in a number of ways.


Extragram gives you an easy way to view your favorite Instagram photos on the web. View them in three different styles: grid, filmstrip or map view.


Statigram provides you with metrics – find out who the most engaged followers are, filter and tag usage, like and post comments, and more.

And like many other apps out there today, its only available in iPhone or iPod running  iOS 3.1.2 and above. Androids will have to sit this one out for now.

Are you using Instagram?

10 More Apps You Have To Have As A Photographer

Photo Slides

Now you can use your iPad as a digital frame. Photo Slides is an app that allows you to showcase your portfolio when your iPad isn’t in use.

Easy Release

Do you work with models, or out on location? You’re going to love Easy Release. No more bringing along files and loose forms of paper to the shoot. Simply use Easy Release, and you can quickly have model and property releases at your fingertips, ready for your clients to sign before the shoot.


What if you take a great image with your iPhone, and want to share it with the world … but you’re afraid you’ll lose the rights? Now you can use Impression and add your watermark to any photograph first.

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8 Android Apps for Photographers

I recently read a study on the use of smart technology, including smart phones and tablets. While iPhones currently make up about 9 percent of the total cell phone usage, Androids make up around 13 percent. And while many apps are made for a variety of different technology, I thought I would provide a list of 8 popular apps specifically for Androids.

CamCalc and CamCalc Free

Go Visual, Inc offers two programs – CamCalc and CamCalc Free ($1.99 for the pay version). Ths app is designed to help photographer with exposure, and is a handy camera calculator for out in the field. It helps with depth of field, focal length equivalents, flash calculations, color temp conversion, and more.


PHOforPHO is a free set of phone tools for serious photographers. It includes an exposure calculator, hyperfocal calculator, timer, DoF calculator, and exposure compensation calculation for multiple exposures.

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The Photographers Guide To Getting Things Done On The iPad

When I originally got the iPad a year ago, I knew I would love it. Yet I really had no idea how much use I would find in the apps available, and how I can take it anywhere and get things done.

I’ve given you tips on apps to use to work on your photographs, but with an iPad, its so much more.

Yesterday, I spent the day sitting in doctors’ offices with my mom. And with hours of time on my hands, I started using a variety of apps on my iPad, and started thinking about how easy it is to take your business everywhere.

Here are some apps


If you are a regular follower, you know I live at the library – I literally couldn’t afford my book habit if I didn’t rely on the library too. Now I don’t even have to make a weekly stop at the library – I simply open up the library on my iPad. With OverDrive, you have access to your library account from your iPad, and can browse through your local library’s ebook list. If it’s available, download it and start reading. If its “checked out”, reserve it and have access to it at a later date. [Read more…]

3 Photography Apps If You Love HDR

HDR (high dynamic range) has a love/hate relationship with photographers. Chances are you can instantly say “I love it” or “I hate it”. Some think its way over used, and others love how it can make your images pop.

If you want to try out HDR using your iPhone, here are three apps that will get you started.


Cost: $1.99

Use TrueHDR to take full resolution HDR images with your iPhone. Use the rapid autocapture mode to take HDR pictures quickly, or use the semiauto mode for greater control in choosing your exposure points. You can quickly share your images using Facebook, Twitter or email them directly from the app.


Cost $1.99

Pro HDR captures an image exposed for the highlights and another exposed for the shadows. It then aligns and merges the images, giving you a 3 to 5 megapixel HDR image with amazing results.

ICamera HDR

Cost $1.99

iCamera HDR includes an advanced capture mode, full 32-bit HDR processing workflow, a range of digital photography post processing functions and awesome photo effects all in one app.

8 iPad Apps Perfect For The Small Photography Studio

PhotoPad by Zagg
PhotoPad is a photo editing software that allows you to do a variety of things with your images:

  • Rotate the image
  • Crop
  • Adjust color, contrast, tint and saturation levels
  • It will also allow you to create ZAGGskins – covers for the back of your mobile device – by using your photos and your tools.

And best of all, this app is free.

Filterstorm was designed specifically for the iPad, and allows for more intuitive editing on the iPad compared with its desktop counterparts. As a professional, this is one you should definitely give a try. You can do a variety of things, including:

  • Adjust the entire image by brush or color range
  • Adjust the brush size
  • Adjust color balance, brightness, contrast and saturation
  • Crop, scale and rotate
  • Sharpen
  • Vignette
  • Send your images using email or FTP

While it’s not designed to replace your desktop applications, it’s a great tool to have when you are on the go.

SketchBook Pro
Are you a doodler? Do you like to draw out your ideas as you think of them? Then you’ll love SketchBook Pro. It provides you with a complete set of sketching and painting tools that allow you to design directly with the iPad multi-touch interface. You’ll have high quality brushes and tools that allow you to draw and create a variety of drawings right on your iPad canvas. Perfect for impromptu meetings with friends or your staff.

MOO Business Cards – $21.99 for 50 unique, customized Business Cards, each one with a different design.

What’s one thing your iPad can’t do? Be a word processor. Or wait, now it can with Pages.

Pages gives you all the tools you need to create and share documents. From templates to advanced layout tools, you’ll be able to create documents in no time. Incorporate your photos and videos, resize and rotate your page, create columns, or add tables. This will be a definite tool you can’t live without on the road and everywhere else.

deskPad Office
Love sticky notes? Then deskPad Office is for you. Create to-do lists, add notes to yourself, draw pictures, or add maps – if your monitor is loaded with sticky reminders, this will be one app you can’t get enough of.

When you’re out creating on your iPad, chances are you’ll find something you want to print. From web pages, to email, to documents and photos, PrintCentral handles it all. It works by printing directly via WiFi, and works with any printer and any type of document via your Mac, PC or 3G.

For a free app, Evernote is a very powerful program. You can easily create notes using text, photos and audio files, organize and synchronize them with your Mac, PC or web.
Build up your favorites, and instantly have access to any of your information at any time.

If you use Facebook and Twitter, you have to have HootSuite. HootSuite makes managing your social accounts a whole lot easier. They have a light version, or upgrade to the pro version for $2.99. HootSuite gives you the power to manage all of your Twitter accounts, update your Facebook profile and pages, set up Twitter searches, track your results along the way, and automate a lot of what you do.