How To Get Photos Published In Magazines

This post is Day 17 of 30 Ways In 30 Days To Redesign Your Life With Photography. This series seeks to provide you with practical steps to get you from wherever you are today, to exactly where you want to be – this year! If your goal has always been to take your photography to a whole new level, hang on and start enjoying a new lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

In Day 16, we worked through the concept of Niching your photography business, and why it’s so important to focus. The more you focus, the clearer your vision, and the more results you’ll have.

I decided to provide a post on why I thought niching was so important to your success first, and then follow it up with a series of posts that were specific to fields within the photography profession. A great majority of my emails and responses were from people that had specific questions on types of photography. Whether you currently have an interest in a particular field or not, read on. I’ll cover a variety of items that can be taken from field to field, and can help you when you look at growing your own photography business.

“I have a job, but like many people, and am constantly worried whether it will be here tomorrow. I love traveling and can see a time where I make this my primary business, especially after I retire (if there is such a thing). I would like to start getting some of my photos into magazines, but how do I go about that?” Greg

Ah, the lifestyle of a travel photographer. Search the Internet and you’ll find a ton of courses related to travel photography. And with travel being a huge business, its no wonder. Statistics for 2009 show:

  • $704 billion on travel expenditures generated by domestic and international visitors
  • 3 out of 4 domestic trips here in the U.S. are taken for leisure
  • 2.7 percent of the U.S. GDP is attributed to travel and tourism
  • 1 out of 9 jobs in the U.S. depend on travel and tourism

And while that’s just the U.S., I know the stats hold true in other places around the world. It’s a big world out there, why stay in one place? [Read more…]

Photographs: The Way To Increase Sales Of Your Articles

A Guest Article By Jeff Colburn

Photographs can add a whole new dimension to your writing. Magazine editors often prefer to have photographs to go along with an article, as they will attract readers that may otherwise not read that particular item. Having photographs available not only makes your writing more sellable, but editors will sometimes pay more for the photographs than the article. And by taking the photographs yourself, instead of the magazine’s staff photographer, you get to keep all the money for your article.

Your photographs should do one, or more, of the following.

  • Be attractive or interesting enough to make someone want to read your article.
  • Clarify something in your article that you didn’t have the room to fully explain, or that’s difficult to explain, in words.
  • Tell a story that is not mentioned in your article, much like a sidebar in an article.

When you have photographs, mention in your query or cover letter that photographs are available upon request. Also say if they are film or digital. Don’t send photographs until the editor asks to see them.

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7 Resources For A Travel Photographer

Travel Photographers Network

If you love travel, and are looking for ways to improve your travel photography skills, Travel Photographers Network is the place for you. Your membership includes a social site (bio, blog, gallery, etc) that allows you to share and learn with others in the community.

Travelers Notebook

Warning: this site is addictive. I’ll head over here every once in a while, and end up spending way too much time reading through their information. Travelers Notebook cover a wide variety of topics, from traveling abroad, to recommended resources for photographers.

How To Buy A Round the World Plane Ticket

Did you know you can buy a round the world plane ticket that allows you to travel to destinations all over the world – you choose – and you can use it over a one year time period? This article will open up your eyes to how you can easily set up a round the world plane ticket, and dream of all those exotic places you’ll visit.

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How To Have An Amazing Lifestyle As A Travel Photographer

As Andrew and I traveled from wedding to wedding every weekend, we heard the same comments again and again.

“You really make a good living flying all over and attending weddings?”

“You make money by partying every weekend?”

“They pay you to have this much fun?”

Yep, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Who wouldn’t love working 25 to 30 days of the year, travel anywhere our clients chose to fly us into, and yes, spend our working hours at some of the best parties in town?

To me, that’s one of the highlights of being a photographer. But you don’t get that way by simply charging a small fee, and snapping a few photos of your neighbors’ kids. You have to choose that type of lifestyle. The lifestyle others will always envy, yet you can make a reality.

While you can travel with more traditional types of photography – portraits, weddings, commercial – there is another area that guarantees it. Travel photography.

To me, travel photography means exactly that – you travel anywhere you choose to photograph, and find a way to sell the images that you create along the way. You can do that by:

  • Selling directly to magazines, publications, and publishers.
  • Selling to stock or microstock houses.
  • Become a fine art photographer, and selling your work to galleries.
  • Or something in between.

How about creating your own book? Or working directly with a franchise to furnish each of their storefronts’ artwork? Want your own television show – Art Wolf makes a living photographing and creating a show around his travels.

First step – decide what type of photographer you want to be. Look to names that are already out there doing it, and study their direction.

Second step – become the best photographer possible. Study and practice all the time.

Third step – do it. Book your plane ticket, make your first travel plans, and connect with someone in the industry. You have to take the first step to get things done.