Love Commercial Work? Why Not Product Photography

In the world of the Internet with microstock websites selling millions of photos every day, is there still a need for a commercial photographer to take high quality product images?

Now more than ever.

If a company has a product, especially a product with a lot of detail, in order to showcase it online, you need high quality photographs.

  • Determine the best way to display your products within the photographs. How will your clients be attracted to it? Consider lifestyle, use of mannequin versus model, backgrounds and layouts, etc.
  • Concentrate on the details. The more details a product has, the more images and the more close-ups you should have. Don’t let your customer imagine the possibilities – show them.
  • Ensure the product images accurately depict the product. Surprises upon getting the product doesn’t make happy customers; avoid surprises by showcasing as much as you can.

If you’ve ever looked through microstock sites, you know most images are general in nature. Their great for accenting blog posts, creating simple, generic brochures, and building online web tools. But to showcase details for specific products and placements, its time to turn to the professionals. Companies know this, and aren’t afraid to pay for a quality photographer that can capture exactly what they are looking for, and help them be more professional in their appearance.

Let’s look at a couple of examples from well-known sites that use product photography well.
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