Is It Social Networking, Or Is It Publicity?

Look up the word publicity and you’ll find:

Information that concerns a person, group, event, or product and that is disseminated through various media to attract public notice.

As a small business owner, you may not think of your business as newsworthy – could you really get an article front page of the New York Times? Yet there is so much more you can do to attract attention.

Publicity is about expanding your marketability beyond what you can do for yourself. It’s about getting others to talk about you, or to showcase what you are doing to a new audience. It doesn’t have to be millions of people, as would be the case with the New York Times. It could be a few thousand people with an influential blog in your community.

When people think “publicity”, they tend to think of traditional media sources: newspapers, television and radio. But with today’s wide array of tools, it can be so much more: [Read more…]

What Can You Do That The Big Photo Chains Can’t?

One of the biggest reasons a small business can succeed when a large corporation can’t is its ability to act fast, and give customers exactly what they want when they want it.

The newest Office Depot commercial showcases this well. When a new chain hair salon moves in across the street from a small barbershop, and offers a $6 haircut, the small business owner doesn’t get worried, he adjusts his marketing. With a simple sign, “We fix $6 haircuts” he soon puts the chain hair salon out of business.

Unrealistic? Maybe. But the concept is a great one to learn for your own business.

If you’ve never had your portrait taken at a chain location, I would highly suggest heading out and living the experience. Bring in a coupon from the newspaper or your mailbox, and head in for the experience. Don’t go during off hours, head in during peak time, like Saturday afternoon. Take mental notes along the way of how you do things differently, how you can improve in certain areas, and how you can market yourself to overcome the experiences at this chain location.
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Want To Be A Published Photographer?

I wandered over to the Lensbaby site today, and noticed they are having a call for submissions. Do you use Lensbaby? Have you taken a great photograph that you would like to share?

Lensbaby guru Corey Hilz is putting together a new book featuring “how to” and inspirational content, along with photos taken by some of the best Lensbaby photographers in the world.

lensbaby submission

Corey will be taking at least 12 of the submitted images to include in the book. You can submit only two images, so make sure they are your very best. Submission deadline is December 31st at 6pm PST. Popular voting will help determine the winners, so head over and take a look at some of the fantastic images already posted.

If you’re featured in the book, your photo will be credited with your name – and you’ll receive a copy of the book itself. And also the bragging rights that you are a published photographer!

Want Free Publicity? Join American Photo Flickr

Want to showcase your photography in a magazine? How about American Photo.

American Photo has decided to start featuring the work of up to three photographers in their bi-monthly magazine. Want to gain some free publicity? It’s easy to do.

american photo flickr

Start by joining the American Photo Flickr stream. Then post your favorite photographs. If they choose your work, you’ll be published in their next magazine.

Three ways this can help you grow your business.

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Photography Business – Using PR To Your Advantage

Good PR is a matter of taking a current news event, and turning it into a story focused on your business.

Take the recent case of Jennifer Wilbanks, the bride who disappeared from her Atlanta home days before her lavish wedding.

This is a great opportunity for all of you wedding photographers. Send a press release to the media in your area talking about the implications of having a last minute cancellation. How does that effect your business? What does it mean to the wedding industry as a whole? How do contracts protect you from situations like this?

All of this is newsworthy. The media loves relating stories to current events. Give them a story, and you’ll get the coverage!