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We're the co-founders of and have been writing on this blog since 2004. We started Virtual as a way to help photographers stretch beyond a part time income, and develop strategies to become a Five Figure Photographer or a Six Figure Photographer. Ultimately its all about lifestyle, and if your goal is to live as a photographer 24/7, we think you should have the knowledge and the tools to do so. Welcome!' About Virtual Photography

We're the co-founders of and have been writing on this blog since 2004. We started Virtual as a way to help photographers stretch beyond a part time income, and develop strategies to become a Five Figure Photographer or a Six Figure Photographer. Ultimately its all about lifestyle, and if your goal is to live as a photographer 24/7, we think you should have the knowledge and the tools to do so. Welcome!

Why Great Professional Images are So Important in Web Design

Check out a range of different websites and you will notice one thing: they all have copious numbers of images, videos and graphics. Why is this exactly and why should you take notice?

Images are very important. A really basic website with text and nothing else is pretty boring. You might read the content if it is really interesting, but 99.9% of people will click on by almost immediately. This isn’t just true of websites. Books are also more appealing when they have images positioned in the text. Images help to maintain interest. They also help us to make a judgement on what the content is all about, which in the online world is all-important.

Find the Right Balance

Images help to balance out a page. Too many images or huge blocks of text are off-putting, so the key is to find the right balance. Sometime, just one image positioned at the top of the page is enough to draw a casual reader in and excite them enough to want to read the article. It is also helpful to break up long articles with regular images as this increases reader engagement. However, the image does need to fit the text.

Why Use Professional Images?

Thanks to the wonders of digital photography, anyone can produce decent quality images these days. In fact to a certain extent we are all professional photographers, busy snapping photos on our iPhones, adding a cool filter and posting them to Instagram for instant dissemination around the world.

There is a big difference between professional images and your holiday snaps, however, and if you are building a business website, professional images are definitely the way forward. Professional images are more suited to business websites because they are of higher quality. This is especially true in the case of e-commerce websites since customers are much more likely to buy a product if the image is professionally produced.

Images and Link-Building

One of the less obvious benefits of using professional images as part of your web design strategy is that other people might be tempted to use them also. On the one hand this is not good – particularly if webmasters swipe your images without asking permission, but on the other, it is not such a bad thing.

UK link building services providers can use images as a link building strategy. If you suspect your images have been used on other websites, perform a quick search online. If you do find any that have been used without permission, instead of issuing a DMCA takedown notice, ask the webmaster politely if they will credit you as the owner of the image and link back to your website. As long as the website is not a SPAM site, this will give you some valuable back links.

Finding the Right Images

Using a professional photographer to produce bespoke images for your website is definitely a good investment, but if your budget won’t stretch to this, look for suitable high-quality images from a stock-photo website instead.

And if you are still not convinced, take note of the fact that articles with images included enjoy 94% more views.

Should You Hire a Web Designer for Your Online Portfolio?

When you love to take pictures, you want to share them with the world, and sometimes Instagram or sharing on Facebook just doesn’t feel individual enough. Having an online portfolio of your pictures on your own website can be a great way to add a personal touch to how you display your gallery of favorite shots, and can be something you can easily share links to with your friends and family, as well as allowing other people to discover your photos on the web.

If you are a professional photographer, or are just starting up as one, then an online portfolio is even more important, because it is how you will win business. In this case, it is vital that your images are displayed at their best, and look beautiful whether they are viewed on a computer or on a mobile device.

Setting Up Your Own Portfolio – Good Idea or Not?

With sites like WordPress that allow you to create your own website, you will find there are plenty of templates for websites that are mostly image galleries. You can also add other content like blog posts about your photography, or contact details for your photography business. This means that even with no web design knowledge or skills, if you know how to use the web then you can build your own website for your portfolio fairly quickly. For amateur sites, you can even use their hosting rather than buying your own hosting and domain (professional sites should avoid this as it looks amateurish!).

However, while you can make your own site quickly and basically for free, there are still some advantages to hiring a professional web design company like

Advantages of Using a Professional Web Designer

Just because you are able to create a gallery style site very easily, doesn’t mean that this is the best option. Web designers may cost less than you think, and they come with lots of benefits. While as a photographer you are a creative person with a good eye for things like color, there is always a benefit to having something designed by someone who is an expert in that particular field, and this is true of websites. Additionally, a web designer can do things you may not have even thought of, like testing your site for compatibility with different browsers, and optimizing it for mobile devices.

How to Choose

If you are very serious about photography or are doing it for a business, it is almost always best to use a professional web design service. However, if you are simply putting your photos on a site for fun and expect only your friends and family to ever go to your site then using a professional web designer may be overkill, and you may have more fun making your own website.

Your photography portfolio can look great whether you work on it yourself or use a professional, but if you are aiming for a professional looking site, always hire someone with the skills to build it!

4 Mobile Technology Devices You Can’t Live Without

Love your music and can’t get enough high-tech gadgets to enjoy your music on the go? Here are some must-haves for enjoying your playlists while out and about:

Bowers-Wilkins P3 Headphones

While some brands of headphones like Beats by Dre, Apple and Bose have gathered a cult following based on name recognition alone, serious audiophiles know you’ve got to get off the beaten path for top-quality ear gear. The Bower-Wilkins P3 headphones are light and portable with unmatched sound quality. They fold up easily to fit in a pocket. The fabric ear covering is constructed from memory foam, allowing the headphones to form to your ears perfectly. These headphones also feature some impressive engineering advancements, including a unique damping system to control the speaker cone movement, superbly balanced treble and bass, and other innovations that create unmatched depth and clarity of sound.

Dragonfly by Audioquest

Stuck at work and not allowed to use your phone? Plug the Dragonfly into your computerand work on your spreadsheets and presentations with this USB stick-sized audio converter. This device bypasses your computer’s sound card (work-issued desktops and laptops always have terrible sound) and creates an amazing hi-fidelity experience. The device can read all formats of files too, from MP3 to 24-bit CD high resolution. And unlike similar products, Audioquest has perfected the timing of digital file conversion by employing some fancy algorithms and dual clocks that are optimized for the native sample rate of the media being played. Get one of these and inject new life into your workday or anywhere you are using your computer.

HTC One M9

This Android phone features a sleek brushed-metal case and a crystal-clear display. TheHTC One M9 is one of the few phones out there that still has expandable storage, so you can store all of your favorite tunes on it. But the features that really pulls this phone away from the pack are the Dolby 5.1 surround-sound effect, front-facing speakers and built-in amp. It delivers true left and right channel sound for a cinematic-level experience. Featuring a 20MP camera with a sapphire lens, the HTC One M9 takes stunning pictures too.

The Monocle Speaker by Native Union

You probably have a portable Bluetooth speaker, but as with wireless headphones, the sound quality is just not as great as with traditional wired solutions. Time to add the Monocle to your wish list. Named for its obvious resemblance to an eyeglass monocle and the fact that it hangs from a chain, this little speaker pod delivers some big sound. You can even string up to 10 Monocles together (almost like holiday light sets) and deliver an even bigger sound punch at your big summer party or beach hangout. You can also use it to take calls on the go and the Monocle is compatible with voice recognition. While the Monocle comes in a lot of fun colors, the true music aficionado will want the special edition, which is jet black spun aluminum and was inspired by the look of vinyl records.

What Every Photographer Should Have in the Studio for Clients

Being a photographer can definitely be a rewarding career, but it can also be demanding, especially when it comes to staying on top of the latest photography technology that can help you up your game. But in addition to investing in the right tools to make your photos really stand out, you also need to take steps to make certain your studio space has everything it needs for your clients.

Wondering what every photographer should have in his studio for clients? Then check out the tips below to see what your space is missing.

Basic Equipment

The last thing you’d want is for a client to come to your studio and find that you aren’t prepared. So to set up your studio, no matter how large or small it is, make sure you at least have the essentials. These include a large backdrop in black or white, a main light, a hair light for your model, a reflector, a tripod, and, of course, your camera. Having backups for each of these pieces of equipment is also important because tools tend to fail without notice in the world of photography, and, again, you don’t want to be left embarrassed because you don’t have spare pieces to work with.

A TV for Previewing Images or Entertaining Clients in the Waiting Room

The most annoying thing a photographer can do is use his camera’s screen to show a client the photos that are being captured. Whether you’re taking product shots or you’re working with a model, having to constantly take the camera off your body, if you’re using a strap, and turning it around for your client to see is difficult and time-consuming. And it also doesn’t really show your client what you’re capturing because the screen is so small.

Instead, invest in a TV set that can properly display your images in all their glorious detail. When you aren’t using your TV for displaying your work, you can use it to stream entertaining shows for your clients while they wait for you. Investing in satellite TV could be a great way to do this affordably.

Refreshments and Snacks

If you’re going to be meeting with clients for both consultations and actual photo shoots, it’s best to have plenty of refreshments and snacks on hand. These can include pretzels, healthy chips, water, coffee, and tea. Offer these to your clients, models, and prospective clients to show them a bit of hospitality and make them feel at ease and welcomed in your space.

A Good Laptop

If you don’t have a TV to display your photos on as you take them, you can also display them on a laptop instead. The great thing about having a laptop ready is the fact that you can also show prospective clients your portfolio, as well as show models how you can quickly edit the photos in a program like Photoshop to enhance them.

Once you have your studio set up with everything a client could need, you’ll feel more comfortable and likely make more sales.

How to Present Your Fashion Products in the Best Way to Attract Customers

There are all kinds of businesses who need to show off their clothing or accessories online in a way that will really captivate those who view them, and really make them want to make these unique pieces their own. From independent fashion design houses through to eclectic boutiques, vintage stores, and even hobbyist designers and seamstresses who fancy trying to sell their creations, there are people in all areas of the fashion sector who care about making sure their products look as appealing as possible on the sites where they are advertised or sold.

Obviously the most important thing here is the photography, because it is these images that will sell your products, but what do you need to consider when planning how to display your products or creations?


To even begin thinking about how to present your products, you need to think about the mood you are trying to achieve. If you are selling high end clothing, the mood you will be going for will probably be quite different to if you are selling quirky bohemian dresses for festivals that you make yourself out of upcycled materials. Do you want your images to look ultra polished, like a Vogue fashion spread, or do you want them to look more down to earth and relatable? Should your images be aspirational (‘I want to buy that dress so I can look as sophisticated as that model’) or illustrative (‘that’s what that dress looks like on a normal person, I think it will suit me.’). When you have decided on this basic mood, it is best to keep it consistent at least throughout collections or campaigns. It would look odd to have professional models in chic settings for one product and your friend posing in your back garden for another.

Models and Photography

If you have decided on the high end look, you will probably need models and a good photographer, unless you happen to have people on hand who can fill this role to a professional standard. If you have never hired models before it can be best to use a company like fashion creative agency Fashot who can handle the casting as well as staging, taking and retouching the photos ready for you to use. Creative agencies work with you to understand the style you want, and then work to achieve it.

Product Only Shots

As well as pictures of the clothes and accessories on people, which tend to be the most enticing, do you also need some more detailed shots of the products alone (for example, a handbag or shoe viewed from different angles, or close ups of the most intricate details on a garment)? Many people are initially sold by how a piece looks in a model shot, but really want to see closer, plainer detail before buying.

Deciding how to present your fashion products is one of the most important parts of selling them online, so if you have any doubts, always talk to a professional creative agency or at the very least a professional product photographer.

Create a Compelling Digital Ad with Photography

Creating a digital ad today can be tough because there are so many ads that constantly bombard people while they surf the internet and while they’re in public. Your ad needs to rise above the competition and stand out in order to get noticed by people who are too busy to pay attention to most things for more than a second. Otherwise, you’ll be investing your hard-earned money in digital signage that simply doesn’t work.

One of the most effective ways to really grab people’s attention with your advertising is by incorporating stunning photography into your digital ads.

Hire a Professional Photographer for Original Images

Digital Ad

If you know what you want your digital ad to look like, you can envision what type of photography you want to include in its design. You should know what style of photography you want, as well as what images, in particular, you want. Once you have these specifications in place, hire a local photographer who can bring your ideas to life.

Hiring a professional photographer to get you brand new images will ensure that you’re only using original, eye-catching images that people have never seen before. Rather than resorting to using stock images that may be seen in other publications, ads, etc., you will have something fresh that will definitely make an impact and make your ad memorable.

Use Instagram Style Photos

It turns out that Instagram style photos that are taken out of the studio and without a lot of special editing effects, can be more eye-catching than other ads. So if you can’t afford to hire a professional photographer at this time, consider using an Instagram photo instead.

The great thing about using Instagram photos in your digital ads is the fact that they are really affordable, they’re natural and “organic” in appearance, and you can experiment with a variety of different images without breaking the bank. You can even create a series of related ads, each displaying a different Instagram photo, so that people will recognise a theme and remember your brand more easily.

Display Your Products Perfectly

Another great way to use photography in your digital ads is to perfectly display your products. Put them front-and-centre, with loads of detail, on a background that is colourful, natural, or white, so people will be able to see what makes your items better than others on the market.

Again, when it comes to getting great product photos, it’s best to hire a professional photographer with the equipment necessary to capture the smallest details, though you can opt to go with an Instagram style of photography instead to show your products in use.

Finally, if you are having trouble putting your digital ad together, hire an expert company, such as Videonations, that can get the job done for you in a short amount of time. This is the best way to ensure your ad will turn out exactly as you envisioned it, especially if your current staff is unable to meet your expectations.

Traditions You May Want to Include in Your Southern Style Wedding!

If you are a proud Southern girl who is soon to become a bride, then you may want to include some of the charming Southern wedding traditions that have existed since the civil war in your own big day. Choosing a beautiful venue that really reflects Southern charm and style is the first thing to do, for example the Boondocks Event Center in North Carolina – a stunning old livery building now used to host events, weddings and other functions. Then you can incorporate all the great traditions you want into your event!

Ensure Sunshine on Your Wedding Day by ‘Burying the Bourbon’

This is a strange wedding tradition that according to Southern folklore will stop it from raining on your wedding day (not really a major risk in some Southern cities at certain times of year, but it is still a fun thing to do!). Exactly a month before the date of the wedding, someone from the wedding party is to go to the place where the bride and groom will marry, and bury a bottle of bourbon (it doesn’t matter what size – use a miniature if you want!) in the ground. It must be buried upside down (for some reason) and be unopened. Of course, after the wedding is over, you may want to dig it back up and drink it (or even on the wedding day if the magic doesn’t work and it rains!).

Give Your Man a Groom’s Cake

Another cute Southern tradition is for the bride to give her groom a special cake that is designed to reflect his personality or his hobbies and interests. This can be something you make yourself, or buy. It doesn’t have to be wedding themed, so in many ways can be more like a birthday cake in that it is just supposed to be a fun gift that suits him! This is a really nice touch because so much wedding stuff focuses on the bride, it is nice to have a tradition that gives the groom a little attention!

Bridal Portraits

Of course, in the modern day we would never dream of a wedding where no photos of the bride were taken, but in the past, not all weddings had such technology, so painted portraits were often the only way to keep a picture of the bride in her wedding finery for posterity. Many families would hang these in their homes. It is still traditional for some Southern brides to sit for a portrait, which while you may not want to have on your walls in 2015, still makes a beautiful memento of the big day, and is so much more interesting than posed photographic portraits!

These are just some of the interesting Southern wedding traditions you may like to consider using to add color to your Southern wedding. Of course, if you don’t even live in the South anymore and are having your wedding elsewhere, it is also a fun way to show your roots!

4 Infomercial Selling Techniques You Can Steal And Use To Improve Your Photography Sales Methods

You’re sitting up late at night.

You switch the channel, and before you know it you’re hooked.

Can you really do all that with a knife? Can you really have a body like that with just 20 minutes of exercise a day?

You know you shouldn’t believe what they have to say. You’ve even laughed about the sales tactics of infomercials with your friends – who buys that stuff anyway?

Then before you know it, you open up your wallet, take out your card, place the call, and have your “new” thing is on its way.4 Infomercial Selling Techniques You Can Steal And Use To Improve Your Photography Sales Methods

Wow. Did you just fall for that?

Yep. And so do millions of other people every single day.

That’s why infomercials are so successful.

Yet for most people, they get caught up in what the whole thing is about – what they’re selling – and they forget that there is another side to it. If you’re now a small business owner, never look at things strictly through the eyes of a consumer ever again. Instead, look at things through the eyes of a business person as well.

And when you look at infomercials through the eyes of a business owner, you will see things in a completely different way. Yes, there are things you can take right now from any infomercial you watch and incorporate into your own photography business model. Here’s how.

1. Emphasize the problem

The problem with most photographers’ marketing programs is they focus in on the basics. “I’m a wedding photographer.” “I capture memories.”

Yada. Yada. Yada.

Yes, anyone who wants to hire a photographer knows what you do. If they are planning a wedding, they look for a wedding photographer.

But what they don’t know – and who they really look up to once they find – is a photographer that stretches beyond normal words and actually gives them advice too.

With every type of photography, people are looking to hire someone that can give them something they can’t get on their own. They have a “problem” and you have the solution.

But if you don’t emphasize the problem and show them how you’re the perfect solution, you’re just thrown into the bucket with the majority of other photographers that have no idea how to sell.

Are you a portraits photographer? You can play up so many problems in today’s market. How about selfies – do you really want an arm in all of your portraits? What about big box locations – do you really want cheesy backgrounds and “stand on the x” fake smiles?

The key is finding something that separates you from everyone else out there – and play it up in every way imaginable.

2. Details and repetition

If you haven’t watched an infomercial in a while, do it. You’ll quickly notice that there isn’t a lot of script there. Instead, they take a concept and repeat it again and again from every angle imaginable. You can do that tool.

Set up the problem. Show your solution.

Then talk about the problem in a different way. And again show how everything leads back to your solution.

Have your favorite client talk about their problem. And how you were the only one they could find that solved it perfectly.

Rinse. Repeat. Do it again. On your brochures. On your website. On Facebook. In your client meetings. Everywhere.

3. Prove your scarcity

There is only one of you. And there is only so much you can do.

Yes, that’s always the underlying assumption. But like an infomercial, call action to it.

“There are only 52 weekends a year. We only photograph 52 weddings a year. That’s it. No more. Will you be one of the lucky ones to have your wedding captured by John Smith Photography?”

See? Obviously if someone thought about it, they know there is only 52 weekends a year, so of course you could only photograph during that time frame. But by saying it out loud, it creates scarcity. It makes you a little more daring, a little more “I gotta have him”.

That’s what infomercials do well. And that’s what you should do with every campaign, every offer you ever make.

“Want one of our fall portraits? We only have three weekends available, and two clients per weekend. Will you be one of the lucky ones?”

“All holiday orders must be placed by November 1st. Miss the date and you’ll have nothing to give your loved ones this holiday season.”

Yes, it works with everything.

4. Huge call to action

I once had a photographer contact me and leave a message. But he forgot to leave a phone number. So I went to his site to look for his contact information. Guess what? There was nothing there. No phone number on his header or in the sidebar. The contact us was just a fill-in-the-blank form.

Yes, I could use the number he called in from (and I did). But the point is ease of use. How do you expect your clients to get a hold of you when you make it difficult?

I quizzed him on it. And he said he hates spam and doesn’t want solicitors calling him. So he uses a form.

Not acceptable. When you’re in business, everything is about ease of use for your customer. They should never have to hunt for everything. In fact, you should be blatantly obvious as to what you want people to do.

“Fill out this form to see if your wedding date is still available.”

“Call us for your free consultation.”

Yes, it might seem over-easy. People should know that, why should you have to tell them?

Yet calls to action are triggers. If they are subconsciously thinking “I like this photographer”, a simple call to action may push them to take the next step.

Be specific. Take them by the hand and lead them exactly where you want them to go.

And the more you do it, the more success you’ll have down the road.

7 Things To Help You Improve Your Boudoir Photography Sessions

One of the fastest growing niches in the photography industry is boudoir, and with good reason.

Have you ever tried to take a boudoir selfie? Nope, it just doesn’t work.

There’s a special art form to creating a really great boudoir image. Yes, anyone can say they shoot boudoir and snap a few images outside. But to get really creative and have your work stand out from the crowd, it takes time and commitment to the art form.

What can you do to improve your images?

Study Boudoir Photography

With the Internet at your disposal, its easy to find very good photographers within this industry. Dedicate an hour or two to research and head out and find sites with the images you love and are comfortable taking and presenting to your clients. Yes, you can create a “hidden” board on Pinterest to mark your favorites and have immediate access to them at any time. And in fact, this is a great way to have your cheat sheet with you on your shoots. Just pull up your Pinterest app on your iPad, pull up your hidden board, and have inspiration at your fingertips as you shoot. Don’t be afraid to use those images as inspiration as you set up your own images – your style will come as you gain confidence and discover what works for you.

Don’t Assume Your Clients Know What To Do

When a client books a boudoir session, they have some understanding of what they want. But they still need direction. Instead of a quick conversation – bring this and that – establish a marketing kit that provides them with the details. You can provide guidebooks on how to get comfortable in front of the camera. You can provide ideas for clothes and props to bring. You can provide sample images from other clients. Make it distinct for each individual client. This alone will give you an edge on looking and acting professional – your clients will love it.

Set Your Rules From The Beginning

Will you shoot in your studio or your clients’ homes? Will you shoot outside? Will you work with nudity? Will you work with individuals or couples? Just because you define boudoir photography in one manner doesn’t mean your potential clients might not have a different definition. And it can be very uncomfortable if you aren’t working towards the same goal. Be very specific about what is acceptable and what isn’t. Don’t be afraid to have guidelines available – share them before you book with a client, and consider placing them on your website for anyone to see before they decide to book with you.

Have Options

Does your client want the full treatment for her special day? Why not work with a makeup artist and a hair stylist who can come together with you for a complete package deal. Give her the royal queen treatment! Not only will she feel great, she’ll look happier and sexier for her final images too.

What’s The Final Product?

Sure she wants a boudoir session. But the session itself is only half of your service. What will she be taking home? A few images on a CD won’t cut it here. This is where you should have many options available for her to present her “surprise” to her significant other. A secret photo album? A framed image she can unveil? You can set the scene – and the excitement – by teaching your prospects what the outcome of a session will be.

Teach The Session

While many women love the concept of boudoir photography, some will definitely be more comfortable than others with the actual process. As a photographer, it’s your job to put your client at ease from the beginning. Can you create special videos to showcase the process? Can you show them the experience before they book with you? How do you talk with them when they first connect with you? How much detail can you put into your sales process to show them they can be comfortable every moment of the shoot? Boudoir isn’t like a family portrait. You can’t just show up and wing it. Put time into every aspect of it and it will improve your process immensely.

Boudoir Photography: The Quick Start Guide For Professional Photographers.

Understand Your Clients

Instead of reaching out to “all” women, choose a specific niche to work with. Maybe you live in an area where you can work with military wives wanting something extra special for their husbands’ homecoming. Maybe you work with cancer patients wanting to feel sexy with their bodies again. There are many directions you can take with boudoir photography, and it all can stretch beyond “every woman”. The more specific you are from the beginning, the easier it will be to create your marketing materials and reach out to your niche market.

What Will Be Your Biggest Regret?

When people look back over their lives, no one will ever tell you they regret trying something new. Even if it doesn’t work out quite the way they anticipated, they still learned and grew from the experience.

Yet the number one thing everyone regrets are the things they didn’t do.

“I remember a time I had this experience in front of me and I chose not to move forward. That’s my biggest regret.”

Starting a business is difficult at best. In fact it can be so difficult and overwhelming it’s easy to shut down and decide not to move forward with your plans.

Yet what do you have to lose?What Will Be Your Biggest Regret

Take this opportunity to …

Take your first step. Nothing feels better than doing something concrete that moves you one step closer to your goal.

Move out of your comfort zone. People hold back because they like familiarity instead of something new. In small business, every day presents something new. Get used to feeling uncomfortable … and learn from it so you can take your next big step.

Educate yourself. The only way to keep moving forward in big ways is to learn all the time. Mistakes help you grow. New ideas help you move forward.

Never forget yourself. Your happiness is key to all others around you. You can easily control the mood of those around you – build on your own happiness and watch all others follow suit.

Practice. The great thing about photography is there is always room for improvement. Just because you know how to use a camera, doesn’t mean you understand a new lens. Once you have a concept down, there are always other things to learn. Choose new concepts all the time and perfect them in your mind before you move on to the next idea.

Eliminate the negative. Years ago I learned a secret … eliminate the negativity in your life and you’ll automatically be happier. Talk with a person that leaves the news on all day long. Now talk with a person that doesn’t own a television. Big difference. By making simple changes – eliminating negative news sources in your life – you’ll automatically see a difference in your outlook.

Let go of what doesn’t work to make room for what does. With only 24 hours in a day, you’ll have to leave something behind in order to have the time to put a new photography business into your life. What doesn’t work any more? What could you happily eliminate and never miss it again?

It’s the only way to move forward. And think of it this way.

20 years from now, will that be your biggest regret? What can you do to change that today?