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Our goal is to help the amateur photographer begin making money, and help the professional photographer grow into a Six Figure income level, all by becoming better at the business side of photography.

  • Do you have talents as a professional photographer that would interest our readers?
  • Can you help any level of photographer increase their skills and knowledge, and become better at making money with their photography?

If so, we would love to feature one or more of your ideas here on the pages of VirtualPhotographyStudio.

What We Are Looking For

  • How To tips and strategies on building a stronger, more profitable business. Can be at any level [amateur, intermediate or advanced]; just show us what you did and how it worked for you [would love photographs included to showcase your ideas.]
  • Do you use PhotoShop successfully in your studio? Create a post showing us the original image, the final image, and screen shots or video of what you did in PhotoShop to accomplish the final results.
  • How do you create perfect album pages for your clients? Give us a design tip of how to photograph specifically for page development.
  • Show us how you package your products for presentation to your clients – what makes them say WOW.
  • Have a marketing brochure or mailer that pulled in the clients? Let’s see it. How did it work for you?
  • Have a great studio set up? Whether at home, in a commercial location, or a great coffee chop setup, we would love to see the photos and know how you’ve made it work for you.

Write For VirtualPhotographyStudio

We’d love to include your tip on our site. Tip must be at least 300 words in length, and include images to support your tip (if appropriate). All work must be original, and you acknowledge that we may post it indefinitely on our site for others to enjoy.

If you are willing to share your talents, we’ll post your entry to our site, and give you a full credit byline with a link back to your site, blog, Flickr, etc, in return for the rights to use your information on our blog.

NOTE: Submitting your ideas to VirtualPhotographyStudio does not guarantee inclusion on our site. We receive many different posts each day, and simply do not have the resources to include them all. We also look for the suitability of the content submitted, and make sure the post meets our guidelines and has a common interest among our readers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us first and we’ll let you know if we can use it.

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Our goal is to help the photography industry grow in professionalism, and along the way help photographers make a healthy living doing what they love.