When you're a freelance photographer, putting your experience on your resume can be a difficult task. Not only do freelance photographers have to deal with client confidentiality issues, but often times photographers have so many clients that they can't list them all on one page. So, what do you do? What should your resume include and what should you avoid? Keep reading to find out how to create the perfect freelance photographer resume.

The Importance of a Freelance Photographer Resume

An Freelance Photographer wrting her Resume

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In today's day and age, your resume is just as important as your experience itself. Some large companies won't even take a look at your portfolio unless you've included a concise resume and cover letter. Resumes for freelance photographers are not only a must if you want to reach high-end clients but it's a great way for you to keep track of and catalog your accomplishments. To learn what your resume should include, keep reading.

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While it is a great accomplishment that you won your state soccer game, there are things that are and are not appropriate for resumes. You always want to create a resume specifically for a job listing and with the individual hiring in mind. You wouldn't want to flip through a four-page resume with blocks of text filling the page, so why would the hiring manager? Once you keep that in mind, as well as the tips below, your resume will be much better received.

Key Words

Keep It Relevant

Portfolio Links

Let's Connect

What to Avoid

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Now that you know what to include on your freelance photographer resume you'll want to know what not to include. Heed our advice below to gain even more clients:

Too Much Text

Not Enough Text


?Tips and Considerations

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You finally know what to include and what not to include. You're almost ready to start creating your own freelance photographer resume. Before you begin, there are a few more tips and considerations we want to leave you with. Check them out below:

Bullet Points

Keep It to a Page

Too Many Clients?


Now that you know the ins and outs of a freelance photographer resume, you can begin to craft your own with confidence. As long as you use the tips above, like adding key words from the job posting, having an online portfolio, and avoiding too much text, you'll have no problem. Just remember to keep everything to a page and use bullet points if you're struggling to get all of your opportunities to fit. Good luck job hunting!

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