bird in action feeding photo

Birds rarely keep still, which makes capturing them on camera quite tiresome. However, you will get the most aweing shot if you succeed to catch them in full flight or while feeding. Make use of the burst shot mode when you have a lot of action going on. This way, you can take several pictures, and at least one is bound to be satisfactory.
Focusing on your subject will also be strenuous, and you must track the subject until locking focus and pressing the shutter button. Just as always, try to understand their behavior and to anticipate their next move. Use Aperture Priority to have the suitable shutter speed controlled automatically. This way, you won’t have to change the settings manually every time the light conditions alter.
Luckily, trying to photograph birds while they are feeding is easier than when they are flying. When they’re hungry, birds tend to ignore humans. As long as you maintain a considerable distance, it shouldn’t be a problem to catch them in action.

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