Do your New Year’s goals include building a new website? If so, WordPress is the perfect option for you.

Dig Deeper: The 10 Advantages of WordPress For Designing Your Photography Site

And while WordPress offers a ton of options to help you customize and create content to reach out to your clientele, it’s also great at “plug and play” technology. Because WordPress is so popular, with 1 in 5 sites now being built on a WordPress platform, there are many themes you can purchase that give you instant access to a professional look and feel. And the best thing about it is all of these themes are priced under $100, so they are perfect no matter if you are a start up, or a seasoned professional. Check out these 10 WordPress themes perfect for photographers.


Photopassion is a WordPress gallery theme that offers  unique photo viewers, sliders and sidebar managers, a horizontal gallery slider, and 5 color variations.


Karma is a beautiful WordPress template that provides a ton of opportunity. It features a 3D slider that makes your photography pop, and comes with a ton of options for page layouts, color options and more.


Photocrati are WordPress themes for photographers, designed by photographers. With over 60 styles, you are sure to find one perfect for you. They come with prebuilt ecommerce galleries perfect for showcasing your work to your clients. They also provide strong copyright protection – everything a photographer needs.


Specere is a great WordPress theme that provides full frame photography. You’ll also have access to a full array of social options to share on sites like Twitter and Flickr.


AutoFocus is a clean WordPress theme for photographers looking for a variety of design options. It offers a variety of special features, from Flickr integration, to gallery attachments.


Anan is a premium WordPress theme that provides full frame photography. Perfect for artists that want the focus to be on their photography, yet still want the connectivity of a blog format.


SimplePress provides a simple way to show off your photography in large format. With a simple gallery and a variety of options, you can create a look that’s uniquely yours in no time.


PicTree provides a twist on the black and white themes many photographers love. It allows you to present your images in a custom photo scroller, and gives your viewers a quick way to see your best work.


Viewfinder provides quick access to the images in your gallery. Perfect for the photographer that displays dozens of images, and is looking for a minimalist design.


Aperture is a WordPress theme that offers a slider for your current posts, visual category boxes, and customized widgets guaranteed to allow you to design a customized blog with your look and feel.