Photography Lens Doubles As A Beverage Cup

What is it with us photographers. Sometimes I think we all sleep, eat and drink photography (I know we’re guilty).

So today I was excited to find a new way to, well, drink photography. Check out this great new beverage cup I found over on Photojojo.

In my post Tips To Become a Coffee Shop Entrepreneur, I talk about several ways you can promote yourself as a photographer simply by setting up shop at your local coffee house. Grab your laptop, a few business cards, and now your lens cup as an ice breaker, and you’ll be ready to do business spending just a few dollars a day on coffee.

These lenses are available in Canon and Nikon formats, so no matter what you’re preference, there’s a lens – or coffee cup – for you. Perfect for the holidays – get one as a stocking stuffer for your favorite photographer.

Available from Photojojo

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  1. Mine gets here Friday!!!! Yay.