1. Excitement
This is it, I hate my job and I want more out of life. I love photography and know beyond a doubt that this is my passion. I see myself as a great photographer, taking images people truly love and care about. I’m going to be the first in my family to own my own business, and I’m going to control my destiny by making it a success.

2. Confidence
All the pieces are falling into place. I can see my dreams coming true, I have my business card in hand, and people are giving me a lot of great response. I can do this!

3. Anxiety
Oh my gosh, why aren’t they calling me back? Can I really do this? Maybe I need to ask for more hours at work. How can I ever find enough people to keep me busy all the time? Do other people really do this for a living?

4. Fantasy
I know, I’m going to start a routine. Get up early, work for 3 hours on nothing but social media, and change my ways. I think I’ll create an entire new campaign, and advertise in all the local publications. I’m going to have an article in the local paper, and be so busy next month I won’t know what to do. Everyone is going to love and refer me, and I’ll be the most talked about new business here in my city…

5. Procrastination
I’m really going to start that new routine … tomorrow. Today I have to go to my daughter’s teacher conference. And the dog needs to go to the vet. Oh, my mom called, “Hi Mom…” I think I’ll go check my email – what did she say on Facebook?

6. Realization
Hey, I guess the only way it’s going to happen is if I do it.

7. Determination
Okay, I really can do this. I’m going to try one new thing this week – not go into overwhelm. I’ll spend one hour marketing, then reward myself with an hour at the gym.

8. Apprehension
I’m getting the routine down. I have new things in place. But are they really going to work? How long until I see results? I really will see results, right?

9. Anticipation
Okay, patience is a virtue. I know I’m going to succeed. I know I’m going to succeed. I’ll just stick to the routine, and I WILL see results.

10. Purpose
I see it now. It’s there. It’s working. This is what is going to bring me my financial independence. This is what I will enjoy doing for the rest of my life.

11.Self Assurance
I really can do this. I did it, and I know I can keep doing it forever. I’ve got it figured out, and part of that is knowing I need to keep learning forever.

12. Evaluation
Am I in the perfect place for me? What else can I bring into my life that helps me enjoy what I do even more?

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