Get Clients: How Photographers Are Using Facebook and Twitter

In early December 2009, I went out and asked photographers to contribute their best Facebook and Twitter tips and advice on how you can use these tools to help grow your photography business.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I accepted tips from photographers all over the world, and deeply enjoyed hearing how some of you are using these new tools to help grow your businesses. The questions were:Getting Clients How Photographers Are Using Facebook and Twitter

Question 1 – What’s the right way to use Twitter to promote your business?
Question 2 – What’s your best tip for getting followers on Twitter?
Question 3 – How do you manage your time on Twitter?

Question 4– What’s the right way to use Facebook to promote your business?
Question 5 – What’s your best tip for getting followers on Facebook?
Question 6 – How do you manage your time on Facebook?

My goal was twofold. First, I wanted to find out you are doing with social, and how its impacting your business. Second, I wanted to provide a resource for you as a photographer to grow your business using these top free technologies.

Using those two strategies as my guideline, I welcome you to dive into this downloadable document, learn new ideas and strategies along the way, and discover how you can make 2010 your best year yet using Facebook and Twitter to market your photography.

Feel free to share this PDF document with your friends and fellow photographers, link to it, or post it to your website or blog.  I invite you to use it and benefit from it.

Download Getting Clients with Facebook and Twitter [PDF]

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information!

  2. Wow! This is really impressive! A well researched, informative and interesting guide to social media for photographers – love it! So glad I subscribed to your blog. Keep up the great work.

  3. This is VERY HELPFUL! thank you very much!

  4.' Corey Grusden says:

    I didn’t have to get too far into this .pdf and already disagreed with half of what was suggested. From my experience dealing with certain social marketing techniques, the worse thing you can do is use tools like socialoomph.

    The .pdf says you need to build relationships, how do you do that with automation?

  5. Hi Corey

    You use automation to supplement your content.

    I use things like socialoomph every day to fill in and make sure I’m supplying great content throughout the day – when I’m working on other things or off meeting clients. Then when I have the time, I check in with my accounts to see what is being said and who is connecting with me. The key is to be the leader – the source of information, and to have people rely on what you have to say.

    Putting a link to your latest blog post can be automated. Thanking someone for a comment can’t. You work the two together to connect with everyone, and show them how you operate as a business person.