Love Social? Give Us Your Best Twitter and Facebook Tips!

With the New Year just a couple of weeks away, I thought it would be fun to roundup the best tips for using social, specifically Twitter and Facebook, to promote your photography business.

In order to participate, I invite you to submit a tip. Then we’ll include them in our future post, “Getting Clients: How Photographers Are Using Facebook and Twitter”.

To participate, all you need to do is answer ONE of the following questions:twitter-logo-s

Question 1 – What’s the right way to use Twitter to promote your business?
Question 2 – What’s your best tip for getting followers on Twitter?
Question 3 – How do you manage your time on Twitter?

Question 4– What’s the right way to use Facebook to promote your business?facebooklogo
Question 5 – What’s your best tip for getting followers on Facebook?
Question 6 – How do you manage your time on Facebook?

Pick one of the above questions and answer it. Then send your answer to us in one of the following ways:

Pick one question and reply here in our comment section

Email it to me at

Or tweet it to me at @LoriOsterberg

It doesn’t matter how you get your tip to me – I want to hear from you. You’ll get full credit, great exposure, a chance to share advice with other photographers, and a chance to learn from those around you.

Then once we have all the tips, we’ll compile them into a post and downloadable document you can share. What are you waiting for? Deadline for submitting your tip is December 24, 2009.

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  1. What’s the right way to use Facebook to promote your business?

    Here’s one I learned the hard way. Don’t connect your Twitter tweets to your Facebook Stauses. They are two different kinds of streams and generally you are posting a lot more to Twitter than you should to Facebook.

    If you do this people will unfriend you or hide your updates because you are showing up in their feed too much. Happen to me and hard to come back from.

    Now I use TweetDeck to handle my posting and just post things to Facebook that should go there and not everything.

  2. Question 2 – What’s your best tip for getting followers on Twitter? Answer: Twitter is a resource, not a promotional tool. Meaningful interaction with others is the best way to gain followers. If a photographer is asking a question on twitter, give them an answer to help. If a photographer is seeking feedback, provide them with some meaningful critique of their work. Well thought-out responses will make for long-term connections with those you are following and will in turn lead to more followers for you.

  3. On Facebook, I have noticed Business pages are a great tool, post relavent news and specials (but not too often) and recent examples of work! I am following a bunch of different photographers and learning so I can set my own up soon.

  4. Question 6 – How do you manage your time on Facebook?
    My facebook page emails me when I get something directed toward me individually. But I do drop in at lunch and around 7 or 8 pm to post a few notes and see what is happening. I don’t play games, or return the many many gifts, causes, etc. from all those apps. I don’t have time. I spend my time leaving notes to others about their wall. It keeps me visible but not obnoxious like selling something.Most days I spend an average of maybe 10 minutes total on facebook. If people see you on there all day- they think you don’t have anything else to do…(they are probably right)

  5. On Facebook I have my own personal page as well as a Fanpage. I mostly shoot seniors and I have them friend me as well as join the Fanpage. It helps me to get to know them and chat with them on FB (ie build relationship). As far as time tips, scheduling time daily as well as keeping it to a decided amount of time helps.

  6. #4: Facebook is about subtle promotion. Posting photographs and events on Facebook more as a FYI then as a way to club people over the head. It keeps your name out there.

  7. Question 3 – How do you manage your time on Twitter?

    I use the free iPhone app ‘echofone’ and since I have to check it to receive updates, I am now constantly getting interrupted by tweets.

    I make it a point to go through and read all of my missed tweets before moving onto my next thing. So sometimes I’ll have 200 unread tweets but after flipping through them quickly- 5 minutes later I will feel much more accomplished and up to date on people I care about. I also follow other influential /big photographers and companies that post a ton of free links and resources.

    I find so much knowledge and insight from the people I follow that I have a long list of ‘favorites tweets’/ resources built up. Lots of good stuff.

    All in all, 5 minutes once a day- that’s all it takes.

    I have a handful of people I subscribe to via SMS messaging. I get those instantaneously, but the others can wait and it keeps me relaxed.

  8. Question 4- What’s the right way to use Facebook to promote your business?
    ONe great way to use Facebook is to create a page to showcase your business, this allows your friends and others to view your business.

  9.' Pamela Paramour says:

    Question 4– What’s the right way to use Facebook to promote your business?

    I just started my FB business page through my personal page; therefore, it would be more beneficial to keep your personal page clean and professional as people will connect with you there, as well. I started to connect by inviting my friends and so far I have 31 people that are fans and 2 are not on my friend list. We must remember that anything we put out there; stays out there and is there for all to see. My photography business is me; therefore, I feel that I should conduct myself in a professional manner at all times. Think First Write Second!