Want to showcase your photography in a magazine? How about American Photo.

American Photo has decided to start featuring the work of up to three photographers in their bi-monthly magazine. Want to gain some free publicity? It’s easy to do.

american photo flickr

Start by joining the American Photo Flickr stream. Then post your favorite photographs. If they choose your work, you’ll be published in their next magazine.

Three ways this can help you grow your business.

1. You’re published! This is a great way to let your clients know you’re a rising star, and your recognized by the photographic community.

2. Get published again. If you’re recognized in a national magazine, why not let your hometown know. Maybe you’ll end up in your community newspaper, or your local tv news. Send them out a copy and a release, and see what opportunities arise.

3. Keep building. Why not talk about it on your blog? Or tweet about it? Connect with the Flickr stream, and share your image with everyone all over the web.

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