As a professional photographer, do you really need to understand:

  • Posing
  • Lighting
  • Camera settings
  • Exposure

Or can you snap a quick picture, bring it into Photoshop for manipulation, and expect to create a dynamic image that someone is willing to spend hundreds on?

wedding images

Is the future of photography going to be in the hands of people that have an artistic eye and know how to take a great image? Or will it be in the hands of a person that is great on the computer and can turn anything into a work of art using the computer?

We spoke quite awhile about that in my mastermind meeting earlier this week. And I thought about it again today as I was sent an announcement for a brand new product that is guaranteed to show you how to start up a photo business and make $400-$900 a day with photography from the day you start the business.

This new product focused not on becoming a great photographer and understanding how to set up the photograph before you snap the shutter. The whole premise of this program was to take a few images, and bring them into Photoshop to heavily manipulate them using provided key backgrounds, and selling a client on these pre-created images.

In either case, its obvious the field of photography is changing. Photographers have the choice of choosing their own path and educating their clients on the difference between a true art form and photo manipulation. Or they can create something in high-demand, get lower prices for their work, and build a business on volume versus originality.

What’s your opinion?

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