How To Succeed At An Arts Fair

After a busy weekend, we attended the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival in the afternoon. If we’re in town over the 4th of July, we always make sure we spend a few hours there. Cherry Creek Arts Festival is internationally known, and brings in some amazing artists.

So I found a bunch of new artists to follow. Check out these amazing jewelry pieces made from sea glass in Hawaii.  They were beautiful.

Before I get into several of the photographers we found, I thought I would give some tips on things to do if you’re at an art fair. Or maybe more appropriately, things not to do.

As we visited one booth, she had a sign hung near the back of her booth. It said:

No business cards. No brochures. No website.

She should have also put “no business” or maybe “going out of business very soon”.

When we visit art fairs, we pick up business cards from artists we enjoy. We may buy one or two items, but in many cases we head back home with several business cards in hand. I keep them on my desk, and browse through them again when I need gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, or the holidays. If I really enjoy an artists work, I also bookmark his or her site, and sign up for ezines or other offers they have.

If they keep in touch with me, I guarantee they’ll be at the top of my list when I’m thinking of buying a gift.

Being an artist – and getting into one of the top art festivals – shows you have talent. As an artist. But how successful your business will be solely depends on how active you are as a businessperson.

Ireland in Black & White


Barry Hendrickson Photography showcased his fine art collection of Ireland. His beautiful black and white images really caught our eye, and we always love experiencing a new location through the eyes on a photographer.

Michael Bryant

michael bryant

Just to prove you don’t have to have thousands of dollars in camera equipment to make a great living, check out Michael Bryant’s work. He shoots all of his images with a toy camera – a Holga camera – and film. His images were beautiful, and we loved the way he presented his work.

Alan Klug

alan klug

Every photographer has a style – for Alan his booth was all about brown tone images. They were warm and surreal – almost like you were dreaming. We loved his focus, and his presentation.

Todd Lundeen

todd lundeen

The first thing you notice about Todd’s work is the brilliant colors. I saw one of his largest prints as I was walking up, and had to move into the booth to study it closer. His images were sharp, and always focused on one area or feeling.

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  1. hi
    these guys are my fellow artists in the art fair business, i wonder if you asked for their permissions to use their images on your website and if you give them any percentages of your sales since you are using their images as samples?

  2.' Virtual Photography says:


    Actually we did speak with each of these artists at the show, told them who we were, and that we would love to write about them on our blog. They all agreed – which is just one of the reasons they are here.

    It’s a win/win for everyone. We can showcase great artists we find out and about. We can give you ideas for your own business. And we can hopefully expand some of these artists’ networks by sending more traffic to their sites.