Photographers On Twitter – 80+ Photographers You Should Be Following

New to Twitter and not sure what to do or who to follow? Here’s a list of 80+ photographers on Twitter to help get you started.Photography Twitter Links

We went out with a recent question to our followers, asking what photographers they follow. Below is the list based on your responses. The first 19 listed below were the overwhelming responses we heard over and over again, and all had well over 2000 followers. While this isn’t meant to be a complete list of all photographers, this will give you a great place to start.

Have any additional suggestions? We welcome your additions below in our comments.

@photojojo – I love the Photojojo blog to find the unusual when it comes to photography stuff

@acmephoto – Adam Nollmeyer talks photography in a great way – I love his tweets

@photojack – Jack Hollingsworth has a ton of resources and ideas to share with you

@chasejarvis -Follow Chase through his daily iPhone photos

@jeremycowart – Check out Jeremy’s Twitter page – amazing images

@joemcnallyphoto – Joe is a long time photojournalist

@kevinkubota – Kevin Kubota is an inspirational photographer, and shares a ton of ideas

@ricksammon -Author of several books related to photography

@scottbourne – Scott does a ton of different things related to the photography industry

@TreyRatcliff – I love Trey’s HDR images

@whoisariston – A portrait photographer specializing in glamour and models

@zarias – A music photographer from Atlanta

@strobist -A great source for learning more about flash techniques

@FredEgan – Fred Egan is a lifestyle wedding and portrait photographer

@imageisfound – Imageisfound talks all about photography – half of a great husband and wife team

@TheLightroomLab – Tips and tricks for photographers who use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

@photoshoptips -Our very own Photoshoptips – a great place to get resources for everything Adobe Photoshop



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  1. you forgot me! 🙁

  2.' Virtual Photography says:

    Whew – Thanks everyone for the great tips. Guess we all have a bunch of photogs to follow on Twitter. Keep ’em coming!


  3. Fantastic list … there are a lot of worthy names in there!

  4. So many!! Great examples for someone like me 🙂

    i don’t know where to begin!!



  5. I am personally very fond of as well.

  6. Best list on the we…thanks !!

  7. Best list on the web…thanks !!

  8. @BjanaCheree

    Great List!! Its always nice to find new photographers and learn from there ideas.

  9. What a great list. It’s good to know I was on the right track, as many of these photogs I have alraedy been following. Now I’m off to start following additional ones I didn’t know about! I would be honored if you included my name as well. Thank you!


  10.' Greg Wilson says:

    You are missing all of the biggest Photographer on twitter such as @TheBigKlosowski @AhhPhotography @str8photography and ourself @GWPStudio all above 30K followers! As well unlike many on your list they follow people back and understand the etiquette of twitter….

  11.' ThePhotoArtBlog says:

    Excellent list, thank you for sharing.

  12. Interesting, this is obviously a very biased list. Ashame I wasn’t listed –

  13. Great list! I follow and enjoy a good portion of it already and will check out the rest.


    I enjoy interacting with other photogs as well.

  14. great list !
    i know one additional photographer :-))) –

  15. Hopefully, next year, you’ll mention me: 😀 Thanks for the list

  16. Thanks for a great list (and comments too). I might as well add myself as an up-and-comer:

  17. TV Station Photographer to follow:

    Flickr account:

  18. If everybody else is doing it:

  19. For great photography along with commentary on issues of the day and conspicuous consumption you are welcome to follow me at

  20.' Paul R. Giunta says:
  21. You can always follow me… Professional photographer who likes to bitch about clients that don’t pay, music and morning coffee.

  22. Ummm, yes, perhaps me… 🙂 .
    Oh, and I don’t see or…they‘re must haves.


  23. I decided to join twitter not too long ago and didn’t know where to find anyone to follow. I google’d around and found this post and a few others. So I began adding as many photographers and photography related twitter members as much as I can. It’s cool to log on to twitter and see what’s new or what other photographers are up to.

    If anyone is interested, you can follow me here:
    My blog –

  24. Nice, I’ve been following a handful of those on the list already. Sure is hard to keep up without checking several times day.

  25.' Drew Smith says:

    Three photogs that are not on the list but they’re becoming huge. – @clints, @alexgarza, @love_lee.

  26. Here I am 38 or so years experience still favor film Black and White. Full time Photographic Artist. Galleries as well as blog. enjoy pjc

  27. @tuetano

  28. Great list! I linked to it from my site:
    also my twitter names are and personal at for anyone who wants to follow 🙂

  29.' Jan Stryker says:

    Why would you want to follow most of these people – look at their following versus followers count. Many don’t return follows so why follow them (exactly why photogs think they are celebrities I do know).

    If you want to follow their tweets just put them in a list.

    Agree w/ Dave365 @photojack has good lists

    Also Greg Wilson makes a good point.

    You are missing all of the biggest Photographer on twitter such as @TheBigKlosowski @AhhPhotography @str8photography and ourself @GWPStudio all above 30K followers! As well unlike many on your list they follow people back and understand the etiquette of twitter….

  30. Thanks so much Jan – yes, this post was created awhile back, and things change at Twitter daily. I’ll have to do a post on Twitter lists soon.

  31. You forgot an important one!


  32.' Garry Gross says:

    I am a former fashion photographer who is now taking fine art dog portraits:

  33. Chicago photographers, young and fresh look at photography. Follow @r3mg

  34.' Erin Morries says:

    I am learning alot from – Very cool guy and wicked tog!

  35. great list, how do i get on there too, LOL

  36. yay!!!

  37. @bradyoshiro made my own list too after ready this post, awesome picks.

  38. i haven’t taken the plunge into the twittersphere yet but perhaps i will give it a go so i don’t get left behind

  39. you forgot to mention

  40. – My more serious photography – My less serious photography

    Will always follow back

  41. Great resource, thanks for putting this together. You forgot one though: @bengebo

  42.' Fernando says:


  43.' PA Photography says:

    We are starter photographers at

    Would love to get more people to notice our photography and please, give us comments! Will be sure to follow back! =)

  44.' gideon osei says:

    culture photos and videos are stuffs money can’t buy. anyone interested must be on the list. follow me 2 experience it.

  45. Follow me and my photos on twitter! If you like offcourse 🙂!/traktor79