I love surveys and statistics. I love discovering how people are thinking, what matters most to them, and what drives them for the future.

So a few days I found a new survey tool and decided to give it a try – and thanks to the dozens of you who have participated so far (yes, you can still add your ideas if you have two minutes to spare).

So let’s go over a couple of the survey results.

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Is taking a great picture more of an accident for you, or can you take an image knowing you’ve got a great image every time? A lot of that comes down to lighting, and knowing exactly what to do in every situation. And it looks like a ton of photographers struggle with that on a daily basis.

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From a business standpoint, tied for first place is “bring in more customers” and “learn more about marketing”, followed by “start up my business”. Photography is a great business to be in – there’s so much potential! And honestly I can’t think of a more fun profession to be in. It’s something you can jump in at any time, build your skills, and then modify as you move along.

Andrew and I started out as general photographers, moved into high end wedding photography, created a coaching/mentoring/marketing firm to help photographers grow their own businesses, and now see ourselves moving into fine art photography in the coming years. We have friends who moved from generalists, to weddings, to high school seniors, and are now very successful as baby photographers.

What’s your passion? As long as its photography, you have a lifetime career and opportunity.

Thanks for the results – you’ve inspired a ton of new posts coming to you in the months ahead.

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