Is Twitter really a way you can grow your photography business? Or is it just a passing fad?

I’ve been on Twitter now for over a year, and I must say it’s my number one source for online growth. I find clients that way. I find traffic to my sites. I find new friends. I’ve found speaking opportunities. And I find a ton of resources every day.

I’ve even mentioned using Twitter on this blog before. (Wedding Photographers Can Fill Up Their Calendars With Twitter)

So today I thought I would show you a new angle to using Twitter.

If you’re active with Tweeting, meaning you post regularly to your Twitter account, you can move traffic anywhere you choose. On any given day, we use Twitter to share tips and information with our followers. And with several thousand followers, we have quite a bit of people to direct to different locations.

We usually share resources all over the web – not just to our blog or website. But as we were looking through our stats today, we noticed a huge spike – on the day we released a post about a new product we were offering.


We talked. And people listened. And we drove a ton of new traffic to one page on our blog in a short period of time. And we also had a ton of people take action on that new product that day as well.

How you can really use Twitter
Twitter is very easy to use. Sign up. Put in your bio. Upload a photograph. And start tweeting.

Don’t think of your bio like you do on Facebook. You can’t list paragraphs about who you are and what you do. Think short phrases that describe who you are.

  • Children’s photographer in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Family photographer, beach photography, California coast

Listing what you do is important. But also list what you love. Maybe you’re a family photographer, but you also love motocross. Use that in your bio. When people search, they look for friends with common interests.


Start searching for other people to follow. The more you follow, the more people will see what you’re writing. And that’s when the fun begins.

The more you work at it, the more results you’ll see. Don’t think promotion. Think relationships. And occasionally send a link back to your sites and blogs, showcasing what you do. Share the photos you just took on Saturday of the bride. Share the cute image that won you first place. It adds to your credibility. And it adds to your follower base.

The more you grow it, the more potential you’ll have.

Is this a “get rich quick” scheme? Can you really expect to find a ton of new business overnight? Definitely not. It takes time to build your relationships.

But isn’t that really how you build your business in the first place? Don’t you really need to build your base before your business takes off? Doesn’t it take a little bit of work in the beginning for a large payoff down the road?

So are you ready to join Twitter?

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