Every week I get a variety of questions emailed to me. Over the past couple of weeks, this question has come up several times.

“What Do I Use To Manage My Photographs and Help Control My Workflow?”

Every photographeracdsee has their own set of tools they like for studio control. But if you’re new to the industry, or are looking to make a change to a system that provides you with even more control, you may be ready for ACDSee.

We’ve been using ACDSee for years and love some of its features. Let me share just a few of the reasons we love this tool.

  • Photographing weddings means you have a ton of images. Though we did prefer to give our clients almost every image, there would always be a few that we would choose to delete. And of course the client would pick up on one being missing in the numbering system, and ask about that image. ACDSee allows you to rename your images easily, filling in the holes that normally exist with just deleting.
  • ACDSee has an organization tool that allows you quickly to look through your images, sorting and keeping only the ones you truly want to show your client. ACDSee has the power to make this a quick process, and also allows you to view up to four images at once, making your selection process a breeze.
  • Depending on how you shoot, ACDSee has some capabilities of enhancing your final image. We try to shoot everything as close to final as possible. Meaning we don’t have to enhance every image we take. While ACDSee isn’t Photoshop, it does have enough tools to allow you to transform your photographs into a final product.
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