A few weeks ago I told you about a new contest – Name Your Dream Assignment.

Most photographers – amateur and professional – dream about that one assignment that will take them to a place in a far away land. Maybe its to the depths of a rainforest to capture unknown animals. Or to an amazing reef, exploring warm waters and bright colored ocean life.

My dream is to …

Well, maybe I’ll wait and announce it when the contest officially opens. Which is next Tuesday, March 3rd. dreamassignmentscreenshot

I’ve had a sneak peak behind the scenes, and I’m excited to start reading the ideas.

So what’s your idea? If you haven’t thought of one yet, get started. Head over to Name Your Dream Assignment for more information. Then use this weekend to put together your ideas, and get ready to join the fun next Wednesday.

Come back here and leave a comment about your idea – I’d love to hear what your dream is.