a professional photographer When you call in a professional, do you expect them to do more than you can do on your own?

For instance, when we called in a local plumber to fix a drain that was clogged, we expected him to show up with more than a bottle of Liquid Plumber in his hand. We expected him to show up with a series of tools, and to completely clean the drain so we had no more problems.

Or when we hired a caterer for a party, we expected him to show up with more than a few paper plates and a pan full of simple appetizers. We expected the entire event to be elegant and have delicious food presented in an elegant way.

They are the professionals. So we place the expectations above what we could reasonably do ourselves.

The same applies to a professional photographer.

I can easily take my point and shoot camera out to the park and photograph my daughter. But I would expect a professional to have a variety of lenses to capture close up, far away, and everything in between.

I can easily download my images to my computer, and print them out on my inkjet printer. But I would expect archival quality prints from a professional, mounted and presented in a professional way.

I can easily insert my own photos into a consumer grade album or scrapbook. But I would expect a professional to have professional grade albums, and help me create a dynamic album based on the images taken. A photographer’s skills should go beyond taking the photographs, and should also include the final presentation.

There are many ways to find professional quality products and services. Start here by looking through our resources area. Or head out to a local expo or tradeshow. Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) is having their annual convention next month, and will have hundreds of different vendors on display at their tradeshow. And for only $15, you can attend just the tradeshow and have a ton of information available for you to help you grow this year.

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