You can create a line drawing of your favorite digital image in under a minute using this simple technique.

We are using a stock image to show how easy this can be.

Mother And Daughter Line Drawing

Here is our original image

Original Stock Photo Used

We need to duplicate this layer to work with a copy

Duplicate Your Orginal Layer

Next, we need to set the layer properties to color dodge

Select Color Dodge

The modified settings will product a look similar to the image below:

Color Dodge Setting Results

We need to invert our selection using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+I to invert. Depending on your image, the screen may look washed out.

Our next step is to add a blur filter. We are going to use the Gaussian Blur in our filter menu

Filter Selection

For our image, the settings are 2.3 but your image will provide different results so work with your settings to achieve the best results.

Gaussian Blur effect

And provides the following look:

Gaussian Blur effect

Next, we need to remove the color out from our image by adding an adjustment layer. Select the Hue/Saturation in the drop-down menu

Adjustment Layer

And then we turn the Saturation off -100 to remove all color

Reduce the Saturation

And our final results:

Mother And Daughter

Let us know if you would like to see a tutorial or would like to submit one of your own.


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