Lens Rental and Camera Rental – Where Can You Find It Online

Have you ever thought of renting camera equipment or a lens to help you on a shoot?

1. You’re heading out of town for a specific shoot and need just the right equipment.
2. You’re shooting a wedding and need backup equipment.
3. You’re photographing a portrait and want more variety in lenses.
4. You want to try out a few lenses before you buy.
5. You need a macro lens for one client.
6. You want to play for the weekend.
7. Your equipment is in the shop.

No matter what your reason, there is a rental service for you. Check out this list of places to rent good professional camera equipment


Did I leave off your favorite place? Let me know. I’d love to add it to the list.

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  1. I am a reader from South Africa. In SA, the lens and camera rental choice is rather limited. However, I have found http://www.lensrental.co.za (based in Johannesburg)an excellent choice. It is also ideal for those visiting South Africa, particularly on safari. As far as I am they can drop off at the Johannesburg International Airport.

  2. Woow, talk about right on time! I was wondering today where I was going to find a realibly place to rent a lens that I can not buy quite yet.

    Great info.

  3. clientexperience@todaysgrowthconsultant.com' Virtual Photography says:

    Thanks Paul – great tip. I’ve known several photographers that end up on safari, and wish they had more lens selection. This is a great way to solve that problem.

  4. chris.weilbacher@gmail.com' Jim Weilbacher says:

    Paul, great post. I wanted to chime and say I’ve had very positive results with http://www.BorrowLenses.com. Their customer service was great and the package came in 19 hours after I ordered it – I got a last minute gig and had to pay for overnight shipping :(. Now I just need to find another excuse to rent from them…hmm that Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR sure looks tempting 🙂


  5. I’ve dealt with Paul from LensProtogo on numerous occasions and their delivery and quality is top notch! ++

    I’ve also worked with Rentglass.com a few times and while they don’t seem to be as well established, their prices are hard to beat! (And if you live near Kissimmee, FL, local pickup is awesome.)

    Thanks for the SA link, Paul! We’re shooting a wedding on Safari next year and I’d love to rent a telephoto in country rather than having to bring it along.

  6. clientexperience@todaysgrowthconsultant.com' Virtual Photography says:

    Thanks Nate – I agree, it is nice when you have a place in your area. I love being able to run down and pick things up when I need them; saves on having to wait for them to ship, or from planning ahead. But no matter which way you choose, its hard to beat rentals, especially when you want to try something new, or expand your equipment base without a ton of money.

  7. jay@weiseideas.com' Jay Weise says:

    Camren Photographic Rentals in Denver http://www.camren.com/ is another top notch source.
    Very knowledgeable and great equipment. From lights to lens, from backdrops to bellows…they can make your shoots better.

    Tell Thomas, Jay Weise sent you!


  8. It never even occurred to me that I could rent lenses and equipment while visiting someplace new. (But I am also just starting to seriously get into photography and writing.) Thanks for sharing.

  9. Just wanted to chime in and say that Brad at http://www.photorentalsource.com is great ! I was very happy with my service and will certainly be using them many times in the future. They’re located in Houston but ship where you need them to.

  10. markycanes@yahoo.com' Photo Studio Rental says:

    And here is a great find about Photo Studio Rental, visit us at 82Mercer.