What a great weekend – Labor Day is one of our favorite holidays (minus the fact that it means summers is coming to an end). It’s usually beautiful outside, and we play all weekend long.

This weekend was amazing. So we spent much of it outdoors. Sitting around after dinner Saturday night, Andrew took out our camera and photographed a few family shots. Since we were going to Costco the next day, he sent an imfilmage over of our daughter to give out to the family.

At Costco the next day, we had an interesting conversation with the head of Costco’s photo department (we did her wedding years ago – so we always stop by to say hi).

Even just a year ago, Costco was developing 300-400 rolls of film per day at this particular store. That is down to 8 to 20 rolls per day. The rest is all coming through as digital files.

The newest Costco in our area doesn’t even have the capability to process film anymore – everything must be digital.

If consumers love digital and have adjusted, how about you? I’m always amazed at the number of professionals who still use film.

If you use film, why? What makes you stick with film over digital? Do you use both, or do you stick with film because you’re sure of it? What would make you change?

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