I was doing a little research this morning to find out how many photographers are still using film, and how many have made the switch to digital.

In one survey, they found 82 percent of those surveyed were using digital cameras. And more than 72 percent own two or more cameras. (Sound familiar 😉 )

This really wasn’t a surprise to me. I still run into the occasional photographer that prefers film, so 82 percent is probably an accurate figure.

But the thing I found most amazing is 23 percent of the respondents said both digital and film produced the same quality results, while the remainder of respondents were evenly split at 38 percent between digital and film.

When we switched completely to digital in 2001, we’ve never looked back. Digital allows so much more flexibility with the images. You can sell your images better, retouch easier, get better images because you can immediately see your work. We’re definitely in the 38 percent that prefers digital.

How about you?

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