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Top 8 Film Photography Tips and How to

Even if most people use digital photography nowadays, that doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard the wonders of film photography. Technology might have made our lives more comfortable and our pictures look better because of the filters … [Read More...]

how to start a photography business from home

How to Start a Photography Business from Home

There can never be a comprehensive guide on how to start a photography business from home because intersecting the particularities of photographic art with those of a constantly evolving market means that any business (and especially one that turns … [Read More...]

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7 Tips on How to Create a Facebook Page for Photography Business

Almost every professional needs a web presence of some sort. It’s become a business card, store sign and personal portfolio all in one. But some professions have unique relationships with the online world. In the following article we’ll detail how … [Read More...]

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Halloween Photography Ideas: Get Ready to Trick or Treat

Autumn is such an amazing season for vibrant, colorful photography! Now that the Halloween is just around the corner, it is about the right time to impress your viewers with some new photo tricks. Without further introduction, here are the Halloween … [Read More...]

Canon EOS 20D Offers Many Improvements Over Its Predecessor

Modeled on the EOS D30, released in 2000. Canon’s EOS 20D offers some impressive upgrades in this 2004 release. For starters, it has an eight-megapixel sensor. And an increase of 1.9 million effective … [Read More...]

11 Food Photography Tricks for Mouth-Watering Pictures

The Federal Trade Commission Act's ban on deceptive advertisement does not mean that photographers should not get creative. The Act only requires that the subject of the ad should be real and allows … [Read More...]

How to Create a Successful Photography Business Plan

Most photographers dream of starting their own business. But the majority never take the steps needed to turn that dream into reality. It’s understandable why that’s the case. Starting a small … [Read More...]

8 Best Photography Portfolio Websites to Showcase Your Talent

Part of being a successful photographer is building an effective portfolio. With the advent of the digital age, it became particularly important to create an online portfolio website. There are a lot … [Read More...]

How to Start a Photography Portfolio in 5 Easy Steps

If you want to learn how to start a photography portfolio, look no further! Follow the 5 easy steps presented and you will be the proud owner of a unique photography portfolio. First of all, you need … [Read More...]

Best Lens For Wedding Photography

There is no single best lens for wedding photography. This type of work requires a great … [Read More...]

Brighten Your Wedding Photography: Editing Tips

Now that you have enjoyed your photo shooting with the happy couple and are left with … [Read More...]

5 Essential Tips for Indian Wedding Photography

More and more spectacular and complex, Indian wedding photography has become over the … [Read More...]

Traditions You May Want to Include in Your Southern Style Wedding!

If you are a proud Southern girl who is soon to become a bride, then you may want to … [Read More...]

Wedding Photography Mistakes You Need to Avoid  

Weddings are serious events. So, if you are not actually a professional photographer yet … [Read More...]

Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

So, you’ve made the big step! The big step being photographing weddings, of course. We’re … [Read More...]

5 Maternity Photography Ideas for Expecting Clients

Becoming a mother is a special, special time in the life of a woman who chooses to walk … [Read More...]

5 Sensible Ideas for Couples Boudoir Photography

During your career as a photographer working with people, if you manage to successfully … [Read More...]

The Best Photographers We’ve Encountered Online in 2013-2014

Talking about something as definite as “best photographers “ can be more than a little … [Read More...]

5 Ways to Deal with Bad Wedding Photos

It’s another one of those photographers’ nightmares that everyone has to deal with, sooner … [Read More...]

Combine Two Photography Niches to Be Unique

Struggling to make the transition from an amateur photographer to a pro can be a tough job as it is. Creating a compelling portfolio, acquiring a client pool and managing it properly, creating a name for yourself, struggling to get new gigs and the … [Read More...]

Is Photography School for Professional Wedding Photographers a Must?

Going to photography school for wedding photographers is a personal choice, determined by numerous factors, such as a desire to learn, but also time and financial constraints. The general outlook on this topic can seem divisive: some extoll its … [Read More...]

Rekindle Your Passion for Wedding Photography in 3 Easy Steps

It happens to the best of them: we haven’t asked, but we’re sure that, were you to catch her on an off day, even contemporary glam photography guru Annie Leibovitz sometimes feels like the spark is just gone. Bottom line, no matter how … [Read More...]

Success Stories: How to Create Your Own Photography Niche

In a day and age where social media and other media consumption habits gear users toward a torrent of visual information, how does a commercial photographer go about creating a lucrative business? The answer, according to more than just one … [Read More...]

Who Is A Better Photographer, A Man Or A Woman?

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal the other day, and it said: Men tend to start businesses to be the "boss," and their aim is for their businesses to grow as big as possible. Women start businesses to be personally challenged and to … [Read More...]

3 Things You Can Learn From 300 Year Old Men

Fourth of July. Here in America, it’s a time of reflecting back to what life was like when America was first “discovered”, how an entire new world was put together, and how those concepts still apply today to not just use here, but to people all over … [Read More...]

30 Questions You Should Ask About Being A Photographer Now

When you have a job, you don’t think much about it. You go to work, put in your time, do what you have to do, and go home and forget all about it. Things are different when you own a business. You no longer can leave work at work; it follows you … [Read More...]

Why The $99 Payment Plan Is The Future Of Photography

Your car is a few years old. So you head out to find a new one. Do you look at the price tag on the sticker? Of course not – what does that truly mean? Instead you look at the payment amount. Does $495 a month work for you? Can you negotiate it to a … [Read More...]

How To Avoid Creepy Crawly People That Try To Bring You Down

I don’t get a whole lot of negative email. But occasionally one slips into my inbox. I got an email from someone this week. “You suck. Your stuff sucks. I can’t believe your online and in business.” Okay, that’s not exactly what it says – but … [Read More...]

Are You Facing Photographer Burnout?

Imagine this. You plod along day after day facing the same results. You know what you want but you just can’t reach it. Things are holding you back from achieving what you truly want to achieve. You dread getting up. You dread facing the day. … [Read More...]

Working Moms And A Photography Business

With Mothers Day this weekend, and as a working mom for 18 years now, the concept of being a “working” mother is just as emotional as ever. Start a conversation on “working” moms and you’ll quickly get into a heated discussion no matter what side of … [Read More...]

Will Photography Make You Rich?

How do you define “rich”? That, of course, is a matter of opinion. According to the IRS, the top 10% of income earners in America today make 43% of all income and pay 70% of all taxes. The top 2% of income earners pay approximately 50% of all … [Read More...]