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Self Study Programs


Start A Photo Business

Contemplating whether a studio is right for you? Get started now with an introductory look at starting your own studio!

Step-By-Step Field Guides

The ONLY tool you’ll need to start bringing in clients. Choose from 26 niche field guides!

Six Figure Photographer

The FIRST breakthrough program that will walk you through the steps of building a successful, Six Figure studio. Learn the secrets that most photographers will never know – now available to you!

Coaching and Mentoring


Photography Money Club

Just imagine a studio filled with customers, and enough profits to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Make money with PROVEN strategies!

Six Figure Coaching

Give me 12 weeks to transform the business you have into the business you’ve always dreamed of. Your ideas. Your vision. Together we can make it happen.

Support Services


Ultimate Website Design

Every business needs a website to find and attract clients from all over the world. Start out the right way with a dynamic web presence!

Blog About Your Business

Learn the secrets of building a truly successful studio – with your own customized blog. Find out what makes blogs so powerful in this amazing new program!

Six Figure Strategizing

What does it take to get to the top of the search engines, and have people flock to you online? Find out in this one of a kind program built exclusively for you!



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A monthly newsletter with marketing tips and ideas based off of what's happening in the world today! Marketing today is different from marketing a year ago or even a month ago. Learn valuable ideas that will change your ideas of marketing!


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