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February 17, 2010

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Hi Everyone. 

We're half way into February - are you still on track to meet your goals?

One of the things I've noticed over the years is how easy it is to get off track. You start with goals in mind, and two months later, you're nowhere close to meeting your goals. You've been busy - but you really have nothing to show for your busyness. That's when the real danger sets in.

That's the focus of today's article. Business offering specials are everywhere these days. Businesses that normally had a strong following are even starting to experiment with lowering their normal fees. But does that mean you should follow suit? 



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The Danger In Starting Your Photography Business  
The quickest way to bring in business is to drop your packages well below your competitors. Right? Think again.

Photographers have been playing that game for years. They are new to business, so they head out and comparison shop a few local photographers. Then they low ball it and create their own packages well below the current market. Here's the problem.

Let's say the average photographer in your area is currently at $2,000 for a wedding. Three new photographers enter the marketplace this year, and are willing to do it for $1,500 instead. The year after that, three more start up a business, and lowball it once again down to $1,250. After a few years of this, you can see you're going to have a wide variety of photographers, with starting packages in the low hundreds. Can anyone truly make a business model out of shooting $500 weddings? Even if you photographed one per weekend, you would only be bringing in $26,000 per year - definitely not a full time business model. And there is more work than just the 8 hours the day of the event: meeting the client, production work, education for you, expenses, insurance - and the list goes on.

Just because you're new to the business doesn't mean you have to charge less than your competitors. You still have a business to run. And if your goal is to become a professional photographer with a full time studio that provides you with a healthy lifestyle, lowballing will only work against the industry, making it more difficult for you to recover over time.

If you need photography skills, attend workshops, training seminars, and classes to perfect your skills before you set up shop. If you need business experience, sign up to work with coaches and mentors that can help you set up a profitable business.

Start out with the end in mind, and it'll be much easier for you to create the business you've always dreamed of.  


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3 Ways To Package Your Wedding Photography To Stay In Business
I've been reading a ton of rants this past week on the state of wedding photography, and whether a photographer can truly have a full time business photographing weddings. Those of us that have "been there, done that" know its more than possible - I routinely pulled in $250,000 and more each year photographing around 25 weddings. Yet those consistently charging "nothing" for their services are turning the industry into something that makes it difficult to earn a full time living with.

So in this post, I thought I would share 3 tips to help you package your wedding photography better, and hopefully answer many of the questions I hear every day when it comes to selling your services.

1. Quit confusing your potential customers.
I randomly chose a wedding photographer out of Google (I see the same type of wedding packages everywhere) - here was his

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What's Wrong With A Flash Website For A Photographer's Business?
I have a question for you.

Why are photographers so obsessed with having a Flash driven website?

This isn't a new question. In fact, I've been asking it for years. I've even given classes on why Flash websites are the worst thing a photographer could ever have for their web presence.

But today I was referred to a site, and the question was brought up to me once again.

The site I visited was amazing. This photographer had a gorgeous intro video - probably one of the best I've seen.

Then I clicked into his site, and the headache began.

As I entered, it asked me to install a new plugin to make the site more effective. No. Never. So it brought me into the site without the plugin. Every click opened up a new browser window. The music started playing, and with that many windows open, it took me several minutes to figure out how to turn it off. Every gallery opened up a new window. The content (words) weren't on the site - they were graphics, meaning none of the content had any effect on search engine rankings. Every gallery took seconds to load.
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They laughed at the idea of me opening up my own business, until they saw the results...

Opening up your own business can be a little scary. Especially when everyone around you has a 9-5 job, and offers little support to your "wild" ideas.
"When will you give up on this crazy idea?"
"You want to leave a good job, and start up a business now - in this economy?"

But just remember, there is no such thing as a good job anymore. Jobs are disappearing every single day. They take away your benefits, your pay, your pension, and eventually one day you begin asking why you are still working for someone else. That's how it started for me.  

You see, the only thing r1sky in today's world is to think that your job will be there tomorrow. It's to keep the blinders on, and not start something that will secure your future - now. And if you're dream is photography, having a clear cut plan is the only way to go. That's why I've just released my Fast Trak for 2010 - the fastest way possible to build your photography dreams into a Six Figure success... 

 The crystal clear way to get your plan in place >>

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