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Meet Andrew and Lori

“I have learned there is more to success than simply wishing for it. It’s about developing an image, creating a vision, and understanding the focus necessary to achieve!”Lori Osterberg

Less than 10% of today’s photographers will ever make more than $50,000 in annual income. Most photographers work part time, and use photography simply as a release from their full time jobs. They continually work for the day when photography can become their full time career. has a goal to change those statistics. We want to have everyone who loves photography have the ability to turn their business into a full time career. We feel every photographer should be earning a six-figure income; and we’ll show you how to do it.

Andrew & Lori co-founders of VirtualPhotographyStudio.comHi, we’re Andrew and Lori, co-founders of We know we can show you how to become a six-figure success because we did it ourselves! In the 90’s, we doubled – even tripled – our profits year after year. Thanks to the Internet, our photography became a virtual success, and we were soon traveling anywhere our clients wanted us to photograph. We loved what we did – and now we want to share those same techniques with you.

Over the years, we’ve done a variety of things with our businesses.

  • Together Andrew and Lori have created three successful businesses.
  • Lori has authored two books, and is a columnist on small business marketing for the Denver Business Journal.
  • Andrew and Lori have both received numerous awards for their album designs, photography, and have received several recognitions from PPA’s AN-NE awards program.
  • Andrew has studied major Internet design applications, and has continued to excel on design, marketing and processing on the Internet. His skills have sharpened on how to move beyond the local markets, and design sites that bring people in from all over the world.
  • Lori is author of two online newsletters, and
  • Lori and Andrew both speak and train a variety of groups on the power of marketing, and how the online world helps you market to a much larger audience.

Lori and Andrew reside in Denver with their daughter Fallon. Outside of work, they enjoy traveling, gardening, reading and volunteering at their daughter’s school.

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