Best Photography Blogs to Check Out

There is always more than meets the eye when it comes to photography. You can never be quite sure if other people will understand you or your work as deeply as you do. However, when people do understand, that is when you can finally call yourself a great photographer.

In order to make your story heard through your photographs, here are some of the best photography blogs that you need to check out.

These blogs have it all: tips and tricks on photography and technique, reviews for different photography gears and also what gear is suitable for your needs, works and projects of different photographers or photography teams and also means on how to contact the photographer.

With all this being said, let’s get started!

Joe McNally Photography by Joe McNally

best photography blogs

In terms of best photography blogs, Joe McNally has definitely managed to create a blog which not only includes all of his amazing work but also photography tips.

PhotoFocus by Scott Bourne

best photography blogs

Scott Bourne is an internationally recognized figure in the photography business who released the PhotoFocus blog back in 1998. The blog contains a lot of information suited for both beginner and also more advanced photographers.


best photography blogs

PetaPixel is a blog lead by a team of photographers and photography enthusiasts which contains everything from photography news to reviews, inspiration and tutorials.

Chase Jarvis by Chase Jarvis

best photography blogs

Follow Cashe Jarvis’ blog to see his work from all around the world and get some inspiration for your work as well.

Jeremy Cowart by Jeremy Cowart

best photography blogs

On Jeremy Cowart’s bog you can find different projects in which he is or was involved, online classes, photography news and all other kinds of photography goodies.

Flak Photo by Andy Adams

best photography blogs

Andy Adams developed Flak Photo as a huge database with most of our contemporary photographers and their work. Find out photography tips and see what photography projects are currently on the go.

Strobist by David Hobby

best photography blogs

Strobist was founded by David Hobby and it is a blog that explains about all you need and all you need to know in order to become a great photographer.

Smoking Strobes by Michael Zelbel

best photography blogs

Michael Zelbel is a German photographer specialized in photography lighting and nudes. Smoking Strobes provides you with the perfect start in your photography journey, offering tips, tutorials and inspiration for your future projects.

Damien Franco Dot Com by Damien Franco

best photography blogs

Damien Franco’s blog is dedicated to online marketing and teaches you how to choose either the perfect marketing strategy or the perfect customers for your project.

Old Man in Motion by Bob Krist

best photography blogs

On Old Man in Motion by Bob Krist you will find articles on both photography technique and gear and surf through Bob Krist’s work over the years. This is a lecture you will certainly enjoy.


best photography blogs

Cameradojo is for anyone who wants to perfect their photography technique. This digital photography online school teaches you everything from the basics in photography to gearing and reviews.

Bert Stephani by Bert Stephani

best photography blogs

Bert Stephani is a full time photographer who tries to do his best when it comes to capturing emotion and the essence of life and he often succeeds. To see what I am talking about and visualize his work and projects, you need to check out his blog

Fine Art Photoblog

best photography blogs

Fine Art Photoblog has an entire team of photographers behind it who present their work through blogging. By checking out the website, you will find an impressive photo gallery filled with fine art photography. You also have the ability to search for different content on the blog and see new pictures uploaded daily.

Richard Bernabe Photography by Richard Bernabe

best photography blogs 17

Richard Bernabe is certainly an example to follow. He gave up his corporate job in 2003 in order to be able to pursue his true passion – photography. Since then, he has been travelling around the world capturing some of the most amazing wildlife moments. You can admire his work and journeys on his blog.

Stuck in Customs by Trey Ratcliff

best photography blogs

Trey Ratcliff is another travelling photographer who captures true beauty through his photos. You can find most of his work, tips and tutorials on his website and as he describes himself,

“I’m A Warm-Hearted, Old-School Gentleman Explorer With Really Cool Toys.”

By surfing through the personal information of these photographers and their blogs you will find out a surprising fact: almost none of them have pursued a career in photography from the beginning. Not only did they not see photography as a way to earn their living from the start, but some of them actually quit their jobs for their passion.

Given this fact, you should never consider yourself too old or too late to have a career in photography. No one knows everything from the beginning and time is considered a problem only by those who fear it. Do not be afraid of pursuing your dream, no matter what age, financial state or social life you have. As long as you know your goal and try everything you possibly can to try to reach it, it will all work out in the end and even if it doesn’t you will have the satisfaction that you have at least tried.

This was out top best photography blogs that you should consider following on a regular basis if you are more or less “addicted” to the visual art of photography.

Best Finds for Photography Equipment in 2014

photography equipment

Putting together photography equipment can be hard to do and quite expensive. For beginners, it can be downright impossible to gather some essential devices for the home or studio without any external help or advice. That’s why we’re giving you some professional advice on where to find great photography equipment in 2014 to buy, to rent or to sell, new or used for indoor or outdoor photography. Whether your passion is for newborn photography, aerial (an RC camera can be quite expensive), wedding photography, for 360 degree photography or even the more obscure and electric Kirilian photography, we know the places to go! The following are our favorite stores for buying great photography equipment.


B&H is a great online store. Their catalog/categories are easy to browse through and its used equipment department is awesome. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on photography equipment, we suggest you browse through the used equipment section and see if anything appeals to you. All the cameras and lenses are rated for condition, which is a huge help for when you’re buying used photography equipment online. B&H will even offer you the possibility of returning the product within 30 days of purchase. You really can’t beat that!


Adorama is, as they say, more than a camera store. Although the website doesn’t allow you to only search the used option, but they have a used/open box page where you can find a lot of useful information that will help you narrow down your search. They offer a 90-day warranty on all of their used equipment.


KEN is simply awesome and we love that site dearly. It’s THE place to go to for finding old cameras, such as film ones. It’s also the best place to buy last year’s best point-and-shoot cameras, if that’s what you’re into. One of the best things about KEH is their unbeatable rating system. They also have a blog we recommend you follow if you want to learn about the latest in the photography business. They have a 14-day return policy and also offer 6-month warranty on all of their used gear.

Virtual Photography Studio Tips for Buying Photography Equipment:

  • When it comes to putting together photography equipment, used is definitely the way to go! Used doesn’t have to mean old or antique; many photographers will sell their camera when something new comes out. Why not benefit from the desire of others to have the newest and most high end devices?
  • Make a checklist when planning to buy photography equipment. It’s great to know beforehand what you want, because it will help you not to get distracted.
  • If you’re buying a new and expensive camera get insurance for it against theft. If it gets stolen, it will impact your business, state of mind and finances and you should do something to avoid that.

If you don’t want to spend too much money on fancy photography equipment, consider making your own. A DYI reflective lighting umbrella isn’t too hard to make, all you need is a pole, a sturdy umbrella and some reflective spray paint and you’re done. Look for more ideas online on how to make your own photography equipment with no more than a couple of basic tools, a list and a guide you can find online.

If you live in big cities, such as Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles or NYC, then you can simply go to a photography studio and ask them if they have any equipment or kits for sale or rentals. Speed up the whole process by making a list of all the photography studios in your city and calling them. Remember, a rental piece of equipment should help you out for special occasions, don’t rely on renting alone and don’t forget that a good product can be cheap!

3 Online Places that Give You the Best Photography Quotes

photography quotes

Susan Sontag said in her work On Photography that:

To photograph people is to violate them, by seeing them as they never see themselves, by having knowledge of them that they can never have; it turns people into objects that can be symbolically possessed. Just as a camera is a sublimation of the gun, to photograph someone is a subliminal murder – a soft murder, appropriate to a sad, frightened time.

Sometimes, a photographer needs inspiration. Blogs, people, nature, places will provide enough inspiration, but there are times when we crave more. When we just need some great photography quotes to keep up alert and motivated, where should we go? You could try the library, if you’ve got the time, but we suggest an easier and much more approachable solution: the internet. If you’re looking for inspirational photography quotes, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Here are 3 online places where you can get the best photography quotes.


GoodReads is the best quote repository you can find online. The great photography quote at the beginning of our article was taken from GoodReads. All you need to do is do a quick search and you are rewarded with a plethora of great, funny, short, long and inspirational photography quotes. It’s also the place where you’ve got all the important photography quotes by photography geniuses, such as Ansel Adams. GoodReads is also a really good website for finding black and white photography quotes, famous photography quotes and quotes about photography in general. Just customize your search and you’re given plenty of quotes about photography, love, life and death.


Tumblr is another place where you can find really nice and inspiring photography quotes. You do need to sign up for an account, but you can sign up in the blink of an eye! Tumblr is really the place to go for anything and everything, it’s uncensored, so if you’re looking for something a bit more alternative, it’s the place to go to.

Brainy Quotes

Brainy Quotes is the most comprehensive repository of quotes on the internet. There isn’t anything you can’t find on Brainy Quotes. Their photography quotes section is quite satisfactory and it will do the sorting by the author’s names. You can spend days searching their database and getting inspired, not just about photography, but about also about love and work, business and

We found this quote from Mario Testino, one of the biggest and most famous fashion photographers alive, on Brainy Quotes:

To me, the magic of photography, per se, is that you can capture an instant of a second that couldn’t exist before and couldn’t exist after. It’s almost like a cowboy that draws his gun. You draw a second before or after, you miss and you’re dead – not them. To me, photography’s always like that.

Other online places to find great photography quotes and sayings are Xanga, Pintrest, WikiQuote and even Facebook and with the help of their hashtag feature.

What to do with Photography Quotes?

We suggest that you gather them in a file or folder and keep them somewhere you can access them easily. Trust us, when it comes to inspiration, be it for a portrait or a wedding, you need as much help as you can get.

You can also share some quotes on your blog or your Facebook page, you know how much people love quotes!

Share your favorite photography quote with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you. Or better yet, tell us where you get your photography quotes from!

5 Great Ideas for Couples Photography

We know that when you’re in love you want to scream it from the top of your lungs and let the whole world know about it. Because it’s not really socially acceptable to do it, we suggest you try some couples photography, so you and your significant other can capture your love and share it with your friends and family or simply keep it for yourselves. Today we’re going to present you with 5 great ideas for couples photography, so read on and take notes.

Get a Theme!

One of the best tips for creating the perfect couples photography shoot, is to get a theme and try to stick to it. Also, keep it simple and try not to bring too many props into the scene. Let’s say, for example that your theme is military: try not to bring too many guns into your shoot, because guns in loving and intimate scenes are extremely bad. Choose a white background, wear some khakis, look cute and start kissing! That’s pretty much all you need. If you overdo it, your picture will look terrible, take it from us, we know about these things.

In the Buff, In the Boudoir!

Couples Photography 2

If you know that the pictures won’t be leaked online or that you’re not planning to send them to both your families as Christmas cards, you could try to be a little bit more romantic and sensual and try some nude photography. Naturally, you will need to keep it classy and professional, so we suggest you don’t really show anything, but instead hint at nudity. Don’t make it too sexual, because it’s really hard to pull such a thing off and very easy to make it look cheesy and trashy. Our tip for a beautiful and sexy nude couple photography is to get yourself a good professional photographer. It may cost you a bit more, but it’s definitely worth it. All you need to do is come up with some erotic ideas and let them do all the work!

Family Comes First!

If you and your significant other are already married and/or have children or are pregnant, that makes for some great couples photography! Nothing says love better than a family photo. Cute family photography poses include your kids on your shoulders, cats and dogs around you and even some pregnant belly kissing.

Break the Boundaries!

If you’re a quirky couple that doesn’t stand for traditionalism, then you should really include that into your couple photography. What is normal anyway? Nothing more than a setting on a dryer, so get your freak on and shine! So, you’ve got a thing for snakes and tattooed men?! Girl, you’re not the only one, so grab your man and show him some love in front of the camera.

Love the Camera!

Couples Photography

So many people get uncomfortable in front of a camera. If you know that you have troubles when a camera comes out, try to relax before a shoot and study your face and expressions in the mirror. It’s the best way to get to know your facial expressions and to know how to act in front of a camera. Some people are born to be natural when they’re having their photograph taken, while others have trouble with it. You should know that posing can be learned and that choosing a good photographer will help immensely with your fear of the camera. Talk to them beforehand and tell them about your fears and worries, a good photographer will always try calm its subjects.

Have you ever tried couple photography? How about erotic couples photography? Care to share your experience with us? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we love hearing from our readers!

6 Photography Project Ideas for Students

So, you want photography project ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Last week we’ve given you some important tips on how to start a street photography project, but if street photography’s not your cup of tea, then we’re going to give you a few more ideas in todays’ article. Most of these ideas are pretty basic and are aimed at students who are just getting into photography. Read on and enjoy!

365 Days

This one is probably the most popular photography project idea out there. It’s a project where you’re supposed to take a photo of something every day for one year. It’s mostly to solidify your passion, incorporate photography into your daily routine and also create something nice and important. We suggest you start with something a little less personal, such as a tree that you like in front on your house or close by. Take a photo of it every single day for one year and we guarantee you that it will be a hit with your friends and family and maybe even Youtube.

100 Strangers

Street portrait of a stranger taken in London

We know you’re just starting out and you may be still a little shy about approaching people, but if you do try this project, we’re going to assure you that you’re going to come out of it a much wiser person. Taking a photograph of 100 strangers requires guts, determination and time. You will need to talk a bit to each one of them and get their backstory. You’ll learn a lot about photography and people, but isn’t this why you wanted a photography project idea in the first place?

Just Pick Something!

Be creative, pick one thing and go crazy! Pick one color, yellow, for example and do a project about it; photograph all things yellow and you’ll see how much you’ve got to learn about photography and location during this photography project. Once you get the hang of it, the way you see ordinary things will definitely change. You’ll look at things with brand new eyes and this will not only help your present photography project, but all your future photography projects!

Mono Could be the Way

photography project ideas black and white

No rookie photographer can do wrong with an all black and white photography project. Aside from the fact that you will learn a ton of things about color and light during this colorless photography project, you’ll also learn a lot about the importance simplicity in photography.

52 Photowalks

When you’re just starting out with photography, you tend to take a lot of photos of things that you already know so very well, such as your friends, parents, house and surroundings. If you force yourself to go on photowalks, then you’re going to discover many interesting locations that you may not have otherwise. Go on a photowalk once a week and you will see that in no time, your photography will definitely improve and you’ll find many cool spots!

A Day in the Life of

photography project ideas parents

Pick someone you really admire, like your one of your parents or a teacher of yours and document one day in their life. Talk with them beforehand and establish some basic rules and then just follow them around and focus on their bodies, the people they interact with, their hand, their faces, the object they come into contact with. Even if their life isn’t the most thrilling, movie-worthy life, you can still make a lovely project, because interesting doesn’t have to equal thrilling. Remember that!

Are you going to try any of these photography project ideas? Drop us a line in the comment section below and tell us how it goes, we would love to hear from you.

5 Maternity Photography Ideas for Expecting Clients

Becoming a mother is a special, special time in the life of a woman who chooses to walk that path. As cliché as it might sound, women who want a child and manage to become pregnant with one are truly experiencing a touch of the miraculous in their lives, and expecting couples are often so touched by this experience that working with them as a photographer can be the source of great inspiration. It is very often that these couples – or women – want to immortalize the special time they are currently experience through a beautiful photo shoot, and this is where you come in. If you take these few maternity photography ideas into account when you get contacted by expecting clients, the results will surely make them happy, and make you a better photographer in the process.

1. Combine the maternity photography niche with the boudoir photography niche.


Sometimes, the altered body appearance of a pregnant woman is the main thing which she wants to immortalize in the special photo session, and posing semi-naked for it almost comes naturally. Although for most photography outsiders, the ideas of maternity and of boudoir photography don’t mix very well, in professional practice they mix perfectly, and quite often (as we’ve shown you before in a post about boudoir photography). If you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense: a woman who wants to document her journey with professional photographs wants to beam with joy over her swollen belly, but wants to feel feminine and attractive too. Therefore, nude or semi-nude photos (perhaps just with a silhouette) are one of the best maternity photography ideas ever.

2. Make the belly important, but don’t make it your sole focus.

Styled maternity session at the Propel Workshop 2013

One of the most common novice mistakes when it comes to experimenting with maternity photography ideas is making the belly the main focus of each photo. Sure, the unborn baby is sort of the main point of the shoot, but if you center your photos on it, all of them will end up looking the same, and you will have missed other crucial aspects which should have been captured. Try alternating the focus and concentrate on other things like the people’s facial expressions, how your props are making the whole setting change and so on. Speaking of props, when shooting indoors in your studio (though it shouldn’t be a must, as we’ll develop further on later), some of the best maternity photography ideas include using unlikely pieces of furniture for comfortable poses. If the woman feels very comfy in an armchair, try creating the same pose with her in a kid’s wagon, for example, and so on.

3. When photographing couples, make the other partner feel important as well.

Butter Media Inc.

Another potential mistake you could make is to overlook the other partner or make them just a supporting character within the photos. Maternity photography ideas should be more than simply photographing the pregnant woman with her partner behind her and holding her or her belly. Ask them to play around until you find the potential for something funny, like the partner’s surprised facial expression being the focus of the photo, right next to the pregnancy itself. In real life as well as in photographs, the non-pregnant partner of expecting couples can sometimes feel like the third wheel, and it’s part of your job to counteract this effect in the photographs and make everyone feel like the united family they are.

4. Help your subjects relax and feel attractive.


Keep in mind that your subjects are not only non-professionals who don’t know how to pose and how to not get tired by it, but they are also pregnant women who may have some trouble feeling attractive during this delicate time. The better they feel while posing, the better will the photos be, so do our best to help them feel relaxed, to prevent exhaustion and to keep their spirits up.

5. Don’t settle for classic poses and try something creative.


Your first two or three couples who come to you for this kind of photos may challenge you enough just by requiring a classic maternity photo shoot, but after you become a bit more experienced in the field, you will soon notice how all studio photos will start looking more or less the same. After gaining a steady hand, try a more creative approach. Your artistry and your customers will both have to gain from the fresh view. For example, go outside the studio: try shooting the photos on the beach, if conditions will allow it, or simply somewhere outdoors. Some of the most creative maternity photography ideas we’ve seen around often involved being outdoors, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Have fun and good luck!

The Best Photography Quotes Tumblr Has to Offer

Most of us are familiar with Tumblr, even though the website is popular particularly in the under 25 age demographic. But the perks and duties of being a well-anchored photographer include staying up to speed with social media, therefore most photographers are also at least a bit familiar with Tumblr even if they’re in their 30s and above. Well, during your Tumblr browsing, you may have noticed a trend which is both hugely popular among its users as it is very friendly to us photographers: the making and remaking of photography quotes, which end up being posted on other social media hubs (like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) afterwards.

No matter if you’re a fan of Tumblr or of this trend – which we admit can get a bit annoying, especially if your whole news feed gets over-crowded with lame messages stamped on cliché photos – you should see it as an opportunity. As a hobbyist photographer aspiring to break it into the pro league, the photography quotes trend can be a wonderful opportunity for you to promote your artwork. Just make a catchy image using one of your own photos, and then distribute it widely and hope it catches on, never forgetting to mention yourself in the credits somewhere. Don’t worry, even if the picture will be copied with no mention of its original source, the Google Images search algorithm will identify the source as you in no time, as long as you post the altered image on your blog first, before distributing it on social networks.

But to cut a long story short, here is a short list of the best photography quotes we found on Tumblr. You can use it as inspiration and, why not, you can also make the messages be quotes about photography and not just photography quotes, if you’d like. Don’t be afraid to play around: make the base black and white, use famous quotes by consecrated artists or writers or write your own message in your own voice.  It may sound like a cliché, but it’s true: as long as the message is heartfelt or witty or both, you’ll create the best photography quotes the internet has seen in a while. This is our list of 10 inspiring examples to get your mind started on it.

The nostalgic moment.


Nothing triggers an emotional response in people as fast as something which induces nostalgia. Whether it’s for one’s childhood, as in the example above, or for lost love or whatever, feeling nostalgic opens people up to the beauty of a photo-captured moment.

The powerful emotional message, set on an airy/dreamy or colorful background.


If the love or life quote is short, it’s even better, since it drives the point home faster.

The black and white background.


The same short and catchy emotional message can be written on a black-and-white background for a touch of class.

The poetic photo with a norm-defying message.


Few things are prettier than a colored powder flying through the air, and it makes the perfect background for an inspirational quote about being yourself or being different.

A nature scene meant to induce calm (or something else).


If the straight to the point quote is aimed at helping the viewer let go, no picture could be more appropriate for it than one of the sea.

The one with a pretty human presence.


A beautiful woman, even if she’s photographed from behind, can be the perfect background to strong inspirational messages or relationship advice quotes. Facebook is the best and most complete proof of this.

The arts and crafts featured in a photo.


Perhaps because everything tends to be so digitalized, internet users seem to be very moved when they see a picture of something which evokes hand work, if it’s framed and set in a beautiful way. Maybe it’s the yearning for real contact, maybe it’s the creative feel of it, it’s doesn’t matter. This kind of photo is yet again a very good background, especially for advice quotes. In this case, and the following images as well till the end of our list, it’s all not just photography quotes, but quotes about photography.

The simple background for a thought-stimulating message.


This great photography quote doesn’t really need much more than its own wit to stand out.

The vintage-style image.


Vintage inspired images are another crowd favorite it seems, and the photography quotes market caught up to it.

The handwriting.


A cute and funny way to deliver a quite is by simply writing it down in a pretty way and photographing it.

All in all, we hope you enjoyed our list of photography quotes from Tumblr and that you’ll maybe take some time to play around with your own photos, eventually. It may not seem like a very serious thing to do, but art often requires a break from seriousness. Have fun and unwind, you never know how popular your photography quotes can get.

5 Sensible Ideas for Couples Boudoir Photography

During your career as a photographer working with people, if you manage to successfully transition from doing this as a hobby to becoming a pro, you will be approached by couples quite often. When two people feel happy together, when they are at the beginning or when they have simply reached a new relationship milestone, it is quite often that they want to celebrate that feeling by commissioning a series of couple photography. But on that note, you shouldn’t be surprised that sometimes they want to try couples boudoir photography, since it’s one of the most popular commercial trends of the present. It can’t be all wedding photography or classic portraits; but on the other hand you shouldn’t feel queasy about it: boudoir photography is by no means erotic photography, which is much more explicit or debatable. To prepare a bit for the time when you’ll receive a request like this, here are 5 sensible ideas for couples’ boudoir photography to achieve the ideal balance between enticing and tasteful.

1. Combine the niches of boudoir photography with maternity photography.


Sometimes, pregnant mothers want to contract a photographer to help them immortalize their new bodies in a beautiful light. It is a way for them to feel beautiful at a time when their bodies are going through miraculous and tremendous change, and you need to be highly imaginative as a photographer to be able to capture the exact angle that will produce a suitable photo. The final result must be neither too revealing or overtly sexy, nor too abstract, as if you don’t want to show the body at all, nor focusing entirely on the belly. The good news is that if you get this right, your client will love it, and you will add a very desirable niche to your portfolio.

2. Use lights and shadows to highlight only one area or shape of your subjects’ bodies.


When photographing bodies in a delicate and non-overtly erotic manner, the play of lights and shadows can be your friend. In the example above, the shadows help make the photo not too explicit, while the lights make the contours stand out in an alluring way. Tasteful boudoir photography can be easily achieved through light and shadow play, so it’s a trick you should keep in mind for every such photo shoot.

3. In couples’ boudoir photography, your people skills must be extra sharp.


Brushing up on your people skills to make sure your subjects are relaxed enough to pose and to also prevent their exhaustion is an important part of any kind of photography work, but in the case of boudoir photography, perhaps it is even more so. A person’s body is the thing they often are the most self-conscious about, and it is your job to make them feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. They must feel so throughout the photo shoot, and the results have to make them feel beautiful. Perhaps a talk with your subjects about the body parts they feel most self-conscious about or the body parts which they are proud of and would like to bring into focus can prove itself useful, if you are as tactful about it a possible.

4. Try shooting the photos from partially concealing angles.


If you manage to tactfully find out what areas of their bodies your clients are comfortable with and what areas they would like concealed, you can use this as a guide. If there isn’t anything to be concealed for this reason, then just try to follow this rule of revealing something and concealing something else, in order to make sure the final result is tasteful and just slightly erotic. In couple’s boudoir photography, you have to deliver a result which will make your clients happy with their decision of posing for you even after a long while has passed.

5. As much of a cliché as it sounds, focus on the feeling of the overall setting than on the bodies per se.


The décor is very important in couple’s boudoir photography, as it will set the whole feeling for the entire series of photos. Not only will this feeling be visible to the viewer of the photos, but the subjects themselves must be successfully be immersed in it to relax properly and glow. This setting includes not only the objects in the room, but also the way you choose to frame the image you want to capture.

If you manage to apply these few ideas for couples’ boudoir photography, your clients should feel very happy with both the shooting experience and the results of your work, and your reputation as a reliable photographer will have nothing but to gain from it.

The Best Photographers We’ve Encountered Online in 2013-2014

Talking about something as definite as “best photographers “ can be more than a little bold, if truth be told, since the visual arts in general and photography in particular are so highly subjective that picking absolutes is impossible. But since we’re not claiming to choose the best photographers of all time, but only a few select ones which caught our eye since last year and the months that passed from this one, we dared to give it a go.

1. Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish


This couple of photographers, based in Montreal and Ottawa, specialize in wedding photography, taking beautiful pictures of couples around the world on their big day. Although wedding photography seem to be a field where you can’t improvise all that much, at least not in a completely innovate or shocking way, these two are some of the best photographers out there precisely because they can demonstrate the contrary.

Take a look at their superb portfolio here and see for yourself how fresh wedding photography can actually be with Davina and Daniel behind the camera. We especially love the occasionally funny moments captured, because one rarely gets to see something funny and romantic at the same time.

2. Spencer Murphy


For the portrait photography niche, our favorite is Spencer Murphy, one of the best photographers in Britain, in our humble opinion. We especially like the serious air of his portraits, because sometimes, there’s just more to the realm of photography themes than autumn foliage (not that there’s anything wrong with being into that). Pictured above, you can admire the portrait of a female jump jockey right after the jump (part of a wider series of specialized portrait, which won him impressive awards).

You can take a better look at this photo series of his here.

3. Rafael Marchante


This brilliant photographer from Portugal has reached a famous professional status on numerous websites after this iconic photograph of his was widely distributed in the aftermath of Nelson Mandela’s death. He managed to capture the spirit of the African leader’s legacy in a unique photograph of a well-made graffiti that was serious and playful and full of great impact all at the same time. His niche is taking pictures of seemingly banal street situations and homeless people, as opposed to most of our visitors who are mostly taking pictures of clients, but his images are a great inspiration nonetheless.

Take a look at his Facebook page here to browse some of the most amazing portraits you’ll ever see.

4. Camilla de Mafei


This brilliant Italian lady truly deserves a spot in the best photographers of recent years. Her work is hard to put into just one box, as she seems to move effortlessly through landscape photography, sad and eerie portrait photography or still life shots.

Her official website, where you can browse more of her photos, is here.

5. Michael Roud


One of the best photographers of Los Angeles, Michael Roud isn’t exactly a recent entry in the field of famous photography, but his works remain so edgy and impeccable that we couldn’t finish this list without him. Mostly into headshots (but also into wedding photography), he also impresses with his work as a director and with collaborations with celebrities. The one certainty about the work of this incredibly talented guy is that getting photographed by him is certainly an honor and privilege.

His official website and portfolio can be admired at will here.

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7 Tips for Shooting Autumn Foliage

Summer’s gone and every photographer on Earth is looking forward to the amazing colors that autumn brings along with it. Summers are always busy; you’ve got weddings, holidays, trips and all sorts of events that involve subject and lots of light and heat. We’ve recently talked about how to take precaution to prevent your subject’s exhaustion, but what about the photographer’s exhaustion? At the beginning of this autumn, it’s time you took a little break and enjoyed nature; take your camera out and go on walks and photograph the lovely autumn foliage.

Autumn isn’t just about foliage and lovely colors, though, as it can prove to be quite a difficult season for a photographer: you’ve got less light, fog, shadows that will prove challenging, even to the more seasoned photographer. That’s why we decided to provide you with a few tips of shooting autumn foliage. Read on and take notes!

Do We Even Have to Mention that Location is Everything?

trees Tips for Shooting Autumn Foliage

If you want to get awesome photographs without much effort, then you need to go to where the magic happens in the falls. Places such as New England, Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Colorado Rockies and even New Hampshire are amazing in the fall. If you can’t afford to travel, or you simply do not have the time to do it, you can ask Google some question and it will deliver.


Our advice is to use Matrix metering for pretty much everything, but do make sure to check the histogram to see if highlights are being clipped. Another great tip regarding exposure is to push the ISO to keep the depth of field while maintaining a high shutter speed, in case there are too many clouds in the sky. The thing is that when you’re photographing landscapes you don’t want to open the aperture, because it’s going to take away from the depth of field.

Macro Works Great in the AutumnMilkweed Tips for Shooting Autumn Foliage

Autumn close-ups don’t necessarily need to be of foliage; think about how wonderful a close-up of a milkweed seed pod will look on film. It won’t look like an explosion of color, but it will still scream fall. Use the colors of the fall as an excuse to hit the woods and find great things that need photographing.

Water and Autumn Go Together Perfectly

Water simply becomes magical in the autumn, so focus on creeks, ponds, lakes, rivers or whatever puddle of water you’ve got around you and great results are to be expected. When choosing a fall location, take water in consideration, because it transforms any good location into a great one in the autumn. Try some long exposure when photographing and you’ll get texture that will make your photographs uniquely beautiful.

Long Lenses Capture Autumn’s Beauty

If you want to focus solely on autumn foliage photography, then our tip is to use a long-focus lens. Try an 85mm long lens and see if you are happy with the results. There would be no reason why you wouldn’t be.

Take Advantage of the Autumn Fog

fog Tips for Shooting Autumn Foliage

Fog and mist can be a photographer’s worst nightmare, but in the right circumstances (in the autumn, mostly), fog can make you achieve some spectacular results. Fog will soften colors and add mood and atmosphere, but it will take you a few shots until you get the hang of it.

Start Exploring

Fall is perfect for driving around and exploring the areas that have great potential. Grab a map and start searching for spots where you think the most color will be. Obviously, the more trees an area has, the more colors you will find there. You can even leave your camera behind the first time you do your exploring, so that you can simply scour the land for great spots and enjoy yourself. If you have the time, do your exploring in the afternoon, when the sun is softer.

Did you enjoy our tips for shooting autumn foliage? Would you like to share any more tips with us and our readers? Drop us a line in the comment section below.