How To Do A Complete Portrait Retouch in Lightroom 5

Retouching, in a non-destructive format, can be a tedious task for a portrait and wedding photographer but there are solutions to simplify your workload. See how Terry White walks you through this complete retouching Lightroom workflow in an episode of Creative Cloud TV.


Top Ways To Automate Lightroom

Automating Adobe Lightroom can save huge amounts of time. This 2 part video series
hosted by Julieanne Kost will show important features and shortcuts that you use. Do you work in the development module or image grid area mostly? Learn the shortcuts that will relocate your views quickly.

Part 2 of the automation of Lightroom

Using Lightroom to Work With Landscapes

Have you ever come across a wildlife photo that just pops with color, and you would love to use the same technique yourself? In this tutorial, you’ll see just how easy it is. Yanik shows you a before and after image he recently took in Costa Rica, and shows you the Lightroom tools he used to create the finished image. You’ll be creating your own magical images in just a few minutes of time.

Adding A Watermark With Lightroom 3

Want to add a watermark to your photography before you post it online? If you are using Lightroom 3, here’s a great tutorial to show you how easy it is. In minutes, you can have a text or graphics based watermark loaded onto your images, and ready for viewing anywhere online.

Lightroom 3 – A Quick Look At 5 Great Features

Have you been debating what software packages to buy to help you become a better photographer? Should you turn to Photoshop or to Lightroom as your workhorse processor?

Here’s a great video from Terry White of Adobe to show you 5 features of Lightroom 3 that will make you look at what you do with your photography in a whole new way.

Lightroom tutorials