10 of the Best YouTube Channels For Photographers

Do you enjoy heading over to YouTube for a break – choose a video and get inspired for the day? You’re not alone. With millions of hours watched every day, there really is something for everyone. I’ve been doing a lot of research on YouTube lately, and in the process found some wonderful channels that you have to check out as a photographer. Know of any more? Leave a comment below – I’d love to find other professional YouTube channels just for photographers.

AJ Wood
Everything Adobe – whether you are looking for tutorials on Lightroom, Photoshop, or even Dreamweaver, these videos will give you hours of ideas.

Bert Stephani
Bert has been adding videos for a number of years; start with his Confessions of a Photographer series for some quick tips on photographing.

PeachpitTV provides a huge array of education and informative videos on a wide range of topics. You’ll find how-to’s on photography, and an interview series from some of today’s hottest photographers.

Karl Taylor’s Photography Tips and Techniques
From fashion shoots to basic photography skills, these professional videos will leave you with a variety of tips to make your photography business better. Watch his 840 Portraits in On Day – pretty amazing.

Mac Photography Tips
Watch videos on everything from digital photography to Photoshop from a wedding and event photographer based out of Sacramento California.

Cameralabs Digital Camera Video Reviews
Had your eye on a particular camera? Check out Cameralabs reviews first. With over 17 million views of his videos, this is the place to come to first.
A very professional series of videos showing photographers how to be better at photography. Watch some of his videos for free, and try out YouTube’s new rental program – the way of learning for the future.

Rick’s Pixel Magic
Rick Sammon provides some interesting tips on photographing and lighting your images.

ClixAndPixels’s Channel
Professional videos that give you a variety of shooting tips, and a view of what was created in the process. Composing and Framing your shot is a great video to help you photograph for advertisements.

Have you used Lynda.com? It’s a great video training site that gives you in-depth training on anything software. This is Lynda’s channel, and gives a wide array of samples and how-to instruction on everything from Photoshop to a series of podcasts.

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  1. I like this guy too, he’s quick, to the point yet very informative.


  2. Yes, prophotolife has some amazing videos. I love stick in a can.

  3. i love this channel, itreviews any tipe of photography gear, it’s quite funny and very competitive. the channel started from the homonymous website that is really competitive too.


  4. This channel is awesome!
    He teaches alot about photography and how to edit raw files on adobe lightroom


  5. alexadaltro@gmail.com' Alexandre Daltro says:

    A lot of very interesting courses, workshops and stuff like that.
    About photography, and business also.


  6. Also, search for FRAMEDSHOW on youtube. A nice chanel with interviews of known or less known photographers, regarding their style, how they ran their business, how they postprocess their images, on location shooting.

  7. dn@frozenpanda.com' Daniel Nielsen says:

    Thank you very much for this collection

  8. Nice list – you may also enjoy DEVELOP Tube, on YouTube and on Vimeo, with nearly 100% different content on each Channel. DEVELOP Tube is an educational resource which features videos in photojournalism, fine art and documentary photography.

    DEVELOP Tube on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DEVELOPPhoto
    DEVELOP Tube on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/channels/developphoto

  9. Karl Taylor, No. He’s only looking to make money. When I was just starting I came across one of his videos in which he was using the Coker filter system. I thought it was cool so I asked on the channel, what the name of the filters he was using were called. He replied telling me to buy his book and that the information was in there.

    Sorry dude but I’m not buying your book just so I can find out the name of a filter.